Pakistan today agreed to return the remains of U.S. top secret stealth helicopter

U.S. Senator John • Kerry visiting in Islamabad, said the Pakistani government has agreed to return the U.S. military in the assassination of bin Laden operations • Use of the helicopter debris. 

Russian media reported on May 17, Kerry and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani, Army Chief of Staff, and Pakistani armed forces intelligence chief Chiani Joshua Ahmed Pasha to meet. Kerry said: "Tuesday (May 17) will be returned to the U.S. helicopter tail pieces. This is the (resumption of dialogue between the two countries) first, followed by other steps will also be there." 

Reported that the U.S. military in Bin Laden to "decapitate" the action out of the latest technology using stealth and other helicopters, the value of approximately $ 60,000,000. Kerry's visit to Pakistan aims to restore dialogue between the United States and Pakistan, bilateral relations across the border without authorization by the United States to take action on Bin Laden broke down. Pakistani military has threatened to reconsider with the United States in military cooperation in the field. Kerry said his mission is to "restore trust between the two countries," which received the support of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Kerry said the Pakistani government expressed its readiness to resume dialogue with the United States, as well as the possibility of expanding cooperation against terrorism. He also said that Hillary is also hoping to visit Islamabad, for the United States several senior government officials to start preparations for early arrival. 

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