Japanese media hype the threat of China's space: build moon military base by 2049

Chinese mystery Shenlong Space Plane

Japan's "pursuit of" bi-weekly on May 25 an article title: 2049 China will build "the moon bases", China and U.S. military strength in the space reversal.

The post-Soviet space exploration of a country the United States to dominate the field. By 2003 and 2007, China has successfully launched a manned spacecraft and conduct anti-satellite weapons test in order to imagine the world beyond the speed of the space into the field. U.S. experts have sounded the alert to China's development of military space technology alarm. 

"The Soviet Union is the United States military and the security of the biggest object of study, I have focused on the military situation of the Soviet Union. Soviet Union, China's military status as the biggest issue facing the United States, so I turned to this - the object of study." - Bits strategy of an expert on Chinese space experts said the United States. 

China has military intentions to use space 

China's space strategy is the subject of great concern to the United States. China in October 2003 successfully "Shenzhou V" manned spacecraft into orbit, after the United States and the Soviet Union after the successful launch of manned spacecraft country. 

China has successfully launched a number of pieces of satellite and independent development of the "Compass" navigation satellite system. Various satellites, including launching satellites, resource exploration and environmental observation satellite satellites. In addition, China is actively promoting the space-base weapons development. The U.S. experts pointed out that "For each country, the use of space can be described as a variety of purposes. However, the biggest features of China's space program is a large sub-space devices have GAO military function. China has not developed like other countries The 'civil space' plan, but by the People's Liberation Army management, including satellite launching base, including related facilities. " 

The expert from the Heritage Foundation since the previous year as the principal investigator is responsible for China's problems, the technical evaluation in the U.S. Congress before the Board and the Center for Naval Analyses space strategy and other agencies, including the high-end military technology, including China, for nearly 20 years of research . 

Of course, the study of space technology to China should not be limited to the military angle. For China, space technology can be applied in many areas including the military. A U.S. commission released its annual report on China's space program has made the following statement: "the development of space technology will help improve China's technology foundation for global commerce, communications, technology development, to contribute. From space to the surface The survey can help predict floods, typhoons and earthquakes and other natural disasters. Of course, this is more conducive for China to achieve its political strategic objectives. " 

Anti-satellite weapons and intended to "curb the U.S." 

Nevertheless, the general view that to promote China's space development technology to accelerate the development of the greatest opportunity lies in the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 Iraq war, the U.S. military use of space technology has made a series of impressive results. The U.S. experts, said: "Rather, the field of space technology applications in the military is mainly to collect, transfer and use of military information. Satellite induction can improve the hit rate of the missile, space technology can direct the ground forces are in the desert along the right direction of attack, can also provide coordination between the various forces Xia convenient. Determination of the earth magnetic field satellite reconnaissance, so that the missile flying along the right track. the use of satellite information for weather by the obstacle has a vital role in military operations. can be said that the Chinese U.S. combat forces from high school to the effective use of satellite information. As a result, China's strategy from the previous term 'under the conditions of modern high-tech regional wars' into 'information technology local wars under conditions of'. " 

Chinese military experts had "weaknesses," one said. Specifically, the U.S. military reliance on space information technology, too, this feature has become a certain extent, its weaknesses. Worse than the overall combat effectiveness of the Chinese armed forces the United States, but if the soft underbelly of the U.S. military to seize the "asymmetric war", you can defeat the U.S. military. This is China's tactical considerations. 

China in January 2007 to implement the anti-satellite weapons test proved this point. The U.S. expert said, "Clearly the purpose is to contain the United States. The test designed to prove that the United States and the occasion of the military conflict between the two countries, China is not only impede or damage the U.S. satellite, but is fully equipped with satellite to destroy each other capacity. 2010, China carried out in another form of proof of anti-satellite capability tests of the technology itself has been further enhanced. " 

China catch up with the pace of U.S. space strategy 

About China's strategic space, another American expert said: "It is no exaggeration to say that China's space program is entirely military space program. China to launch manned spacecraft development of the space program dominated the occasion, the first consideration is How to be applied to future military. particularly since 2004, an increase in imprison the Air Force mission to improve the content of the space combat capability, to ultra-high-speed aircraft through the atmosphere continue to be developed. " 

The expert in the United States as a director of a private think tank researchers, familiar with the Chinese military movements, both before the Commission in the U.S. Congress as a consultant, also served as Research Fellow Jamestown Foundation. He said: "China's space strategic goals is to maintain asymmetrical combat capability across the stage, efforts to achieve operational advantage to the United States. For example, the United States since 2004 and continuously push forward the development of X-43A hypersonic aircraft, Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Corporation began development of similar supersonic drone. Also in Chengdu, called 'Dragon' plane has been successfully developed, the size of unmanned aircraft in the same U.S. X37A. 'Dragon' and one aircraft into UAVs machine two, the rocket rose to low Earth orbit, after which further change the track to capture a specific target or observation. can also be equipped with such aircraft or space weapons to attack surface targets. " 

According to the expert's explanation, the Chinese are catching up with the pace of U.S. space strategy, but because the United States to stop development of future hypersonic aircraft towards the direction of development, China's "space combat" would be a real threat. In other words, space is no longer a hypothetical war. 

Long-term purpose of the military use of the Moon 

The expert also emphasized the importance of China's lunar exploration program. China in October 2007 successfully launched the "Chang'e I" lunar probe satellite. He said: "China's decision to use the past two years, two rockets spacecraft will weigh 130 tons into low orbit, the manned lunar exploration program to prepare. The scheme is in fact similar to the U.S. 'Constellation'. U.S. President Barack Obama was terminated in February last year, 'Constellation', while China is planning to carry small 2013 radar and laser range finder device soft landing on the moon. These two instruments are a military function, may capture to the U.S. early warning satellites, deep space place. " 

Therefore, the development of exploration technologies in China, it may be a military conflict with the United States upset the occasion of the combat situation on the million. The expert also emphasized that China plans to launch in 2020 manned spacecraft to the moon to the moon by 2049 with the military functions of the base building. On the other hand, the United States is prepared to abandon the lunar exploration program. 

The expert also emphasized that the Chinese have access to natural resources of the moon's strategic intent. He said: "The Chinese want the moon tritium or helium 3, and helium-3 is the best fuel fusion reactors, tritium is a very precious resource. China is promoting the development of fusion reactors, and attempt to achieve its commercial applications. Nuclear Fusion energy has the military strategic significance, which reflect China's lunar exploration program with a lot of military purposes. " 

To further prove this point, the expert example, saying that China North Industries Corporation has recently announced the establishment of the Institute of lunar resources to investigate. He said: "China North Industries Corporation is a corporate manufacturing guns and tanks, is also begun to study lunar resources and the development of the lunar surface in a moving vehicle. Can be inferred that China will eventually build military bases on the moon." 

In other words, the long-term objective of China's space strategy is the military use of the Moon. (On the "Sankei Shimbun" in Washington, Yoshihisa Goosen Special Editor) 

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