Chinese Air Force to catch up at an alarming rate, is about to become the world's No. 2

Chinese Air Force Su -27 fighter jets

Recently, China succeeded in the lasted improved H-6K bombers based Soviet Tu-16 bomber and new missiles test, it shows that China is actively developing a full range combat aviation. Air quality in China's modernization in the future may be a threat to Russian national security.

Samsonov noted that it can be said, and Russian strategic aviation aircraft compared to the H-6K is still lagging behind for decades. But this is not the main problem, but that did not stop not before Chinese designers, who work actively to Western and Russian technology, improve the existing samples, development of new products. Now the number of Chinese Air Force plane after the United States and the Russian air force, China has more than 3,000 combat aircraft and support aircraft. China is developing at an alarming rate to achieve its modernization of the Air Force, 70-80 in the last century's relative backwardness of Chinese Air Force, only located in the homeland defense at all parameters are lagging behind the Soviet Air Force, but since since the early 90s Chinese Air Force into the West began to type quickly, able to perform the most extensive modernization of the Air Force mission. Now China is not only able to complete their own land Air Force air defense, ground forces cover the territory of China, but also on the outside against more distant targets, including the maritime targets. Chinese Air Force in intelligence surveillance, early detection of targets, air defense and missile defense capacity also improved significantly. 

Russian media said the Chinese air force's main task now is to protect national borders, with Japan, Vietnam, India and other neighboring countries, the territorial dispute could safeguard their own interests; made by military means once the restoration of the territorial integrity of the political decision-making, to ensure that captured the Taiwan Strait air. Mainland China is fully capable of this task the Air Force has been in quantity and quality is better than Taiwan's overall air; At the regional level towards the local advantages of the U.S. Air Force; Once the war with Russia, occupied for the local air superiority. In this regard, an interesting example is set up in China, called "invaders" of flight training center, simulated adversary aircraft in China is driving the Russian Su -27 fighter pilot. 

Russian experts pointed out that the overall quality of the Chinese Air Force has a lot of the main directions of development. In the bomber, the Chinese are about 80-120 H -6 aircraft of various types of aircraft, has no alternative because the Chinese were forced to constantly refine and improve this model. 2006 H-6M equipment modifications increased range, enhanced offensive power. The trial of the latest variant also focus on the H-6K is to enhance the combat strength. Both of these bombers attacked the Russian Far East and Siberia, but also the bombing of Central Asia, the Korean Peninsula, Japan, the Philippines within the target. The help of U.S. technology to the Russian KH-55 cruise missile, based on China's new "East Sea -10" missile with a range of up to 1,500 kilometers reported an accuracy of 10-15 meters. China has also developed JH -7. China's development in the UAV went very smoothly, the 2010 Zhuhai air show display dozens of prospects have unmanned aerial vehicles, such as the cruise missile attacks based WJ-600 UAV. May 10 this year, has demonstrated a new type of unmanned helicopter V750. In addition, China is still the basis of Russian-made Su -33 actually developed a carrier-based fighter-made F -15. This year, or later than next year, will be equipped converted "Varyag" aircraft carrier. At the same time, China also plans to create its own military space force, early 2011, China successfully tested its first unmanned aircraft type orbit, the year can stay 270 days in space, can solve a variety of defense missions, including the destruction of enemy communications satellite. This year it will launch its first China-made space station orbital module, plans fully completed by 2020. China is also associated with outcome of the United States and Russia, the development of domestic generation fighter aircraft F -20 5. China is also expanding and consolidating the airport network, there are more than 400 airports, most of the higher level of protection the airport, a plane arch bunker, underground ammunition depots, bunkers, caves in the mountains, the aircraft bunkers. Chinese airport network is now operational capacity has been increased to 9,000 aircraft, to ensure that the aircraft in a complex weather conditions day and night flight. 

Russian media said Samsonov believes that the success of the Chinese Air Force for many reasons, such as a large number of funds, correct choice of direction, good use of Western industrial and technological achievements, imitation of Western and Russian advanced products, independent research and development. Of course there are gaps, especially China, early warning aircraft and air force in the modern aspects of radio electronic warfare aircraft being seriously lagging behind the United States, a small number of aircraft, the performance not advanced enough, but China is trying to catch up, continued to narrow the gap; In addition, the number of Chinese air tanker less, can not guarantee the implementation of large-scale operations overseas. Western experts believe China's radio technology (radar) forces the development of relatively backward, and in particular the discovery of low-flying targets, radar position protected from the air, and radar jamming capability is relatively low. 

Russian experts believe that the rapid development of high-quality Chinese Air Force modernization of the danger to Russia is the 4th generation of the Chinese Air Force in the number of aircraft would be quickly replaced on the Russian, ranked second in the world, and China's massive reserves of the 3rd generation aircraft, able to consumption as part of the Russian air force and air defense ammunition to suppress the Russian air combat advantage. In addition, research and development in the future systems, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, track aircraft, the Chinese Air Force has more than Russia. Moreover, China will first ship equipped with aircraft carriers, before being re-equipped with two, while the Russian Navy is currently only one aircraft carrier, the new aircraft carrier construction in sight. If the above trend can not be reversed, once the Air Force a confrontation with China, Russia will be in the air a disadvantage, both in the number of aircraft, and also quality. 

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