Chinese first video game glorious mission

Recently,  Chinese first FPS military game "glorious mission" jointly developed by the Nanjing Military Region in Wuxi and Giant Corporation was announced the successful development, the news also led to foreign media attention. United States, "Connection" magazine on its Web site on May 17 for a detailed report, and declared that "glorious mission" seems to be the U.S. military play a similar "imitations." The report also said China should not be the U.S. military as the game is "attack" goal.

Reported that the Chinese over the years through the "copy" of foreign products to create a variety of prototype advanced military weapons, which is the strength of the fast-growing field of power in a high-tech features, but the latest example is a giant from China Network Technology Co., Ltd. developed and supported by the Chinese military first-person video game "glorious mission." It seems "fake" the development of the U.S. military shooting game "Army" - as the United States in 2002 as a tool to recruit soldiers and the development of this game, "glorious mission" is to simulate basic training in the beginning Players will then be deployed in an imaginary battlefield close-combat. 

Reported that, despite the two games are similar, but between them there is a key difference: in the "U.S. Army" game, the villain is usually the Middle East or Central Asia, militants and terrorists, but the "glorious mission" in enemy "seem to have the U.S. military." Reported that a Chinese television reported that the screen has such a scene, American-made "Apache" helicopter gunship crashed in flames. 

The article said the "glorious mission" has been a lot of money before the appearance of the attempt to recreate the war in some countries or certain elements of the military experience of computer games. In addition to developing over the Pentagon, "U.S. Army", the so-called "first-person thinkers" series of games designed to train commanders in the case of information overload and make difficult choices. These games not only to the U.S. military, NATO forces there a similar video game called "negotiations with the pirates." 

Article wrote, Beijing seems to "glorious mission" has a lot of interest, but some observers warned that the real war should not be confused with a simple simulation. This has different values ​​with the U.S. video game "may mislead those who receive training in China that the United States is China's enemy is doomed, and not just in the digital battlefield." 

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