Chen Bingde responsed J20 test flight in the United States, can only dry your not allowed to dry in China?

J20 test flight

J20 test flight

J-20 fighter
Is J 20 test flight when Robot Gates visiting to China a provocation against the United States? PLA Chief of General Staff Chen Bingde 18 in Washington categorically denied this claim.

On the same day the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen and at a joint press conference, Chen Bingde in answering a reporter's question, recognition of the United States, Gates visited China, China does have a new flight test aircraft was J20. But even Gates himself thinks that this test is normal, not against him.

"The U.S. has created so many new weapons, against whom he is it? " Chen Bingde to ask: "Why is China engaged in a new arms Quedui a threat and challenge the United States? Are you only allowed to dry, but not allowed in China Dry? "

Chen Bingde pointed out that the U.S. high technology to China is blocked, the EU banned arms sales to China also makes me happy is that the U.S. blockade Ye Hao, Ye Hao EU ban, but inspire the Chinese people's morale, Fully mobilize the Chinese people's wisdom, so they work hard, have developed a number of new weapons and equipment to defend itself, although smaller than the United States and the European Union level, but always they should have developed their own weapons, it is very Exciting things.

Chen Bingde said China's economy has indeed made ​​great progress, it is now the world's second largest economy, but the distribution of a population of 1.3 billion, it is 100 outside. Engage in economic construction in China is to solve the lives of 1.3 billion people make their life better off, not engage in weapons and equipment to get the money to challenge the United States.

"The American people's standard of living of the Chinese people's living standards higher than 12 times, if we get the money to engage in weapons and equipment to challenge the U.S., the Chinese people would agree. " The People's Liberation Army chief of staff said.

"The U.S. is the world's largest superpower, China will challenge the United States easier said than done? " Chen Bingde, said: "China does not have this culture, China has no such capacity. "

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