Asian countries are enhancing anti-submarine capabilities against Chinese submarines

Fearing the development of China's submarine force, the Asian countries are continuously investing to improve their anti-submarine warfare capability.

Held in Singapore this week, the International Maritime Defence Exhibition, an exhibition of Malaysian senior official said the Navy, Malaysian Navy currently has six "Super Lynx" (SuperLynx) anti-submarine helicopters are in service; However, the ability of Malaysia to buy more anti-submarine helicopters and plans to buy six. The Government has written to the military procurement program 2011-2015 of the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

The official said the Navy to buy a flight away, continued to continued strong medium-sized helicopter navigation; he declined to participate in the bidding of the helicopter model. However, it is generally believed that participate in the bidding Lockheed - Martin Corporation and Sikorsky's MH-60R "Seahawk" helicopters and Agusta - Westland's AW159 "wildcat" helicopters.

A South Korean navy official told, "Aviation Week", South Korea will be "Super Lynx" helicopters for anti-submarine missions; but also considering the purchase of MH-60R "Seahawk" helicopter. Agusta - Westland helicopter company is participating in the South Korean military procurement bids; except AW159 "wildcat" helicopter, the company also produces AW101 "Merlin" helicopter, which is a greater anti-submarine helicopters, equipped with three engines . Because large vessels are not suitable for Malaysia, it has been eliminated from the Malaysian military procurement bid anti-submarine helicopters.

A business executives familiar with the situation said that South Korea is expected to decide within the next two months to purchase helicopters from foreign countries, or for domestic helicopter. The business owner hopes that the requirements of the request for proposals released by the end.

Korea Aerospace Industries (Korea Aerospace Industries) suggested that the company is developing the "perfect Eagle" utility helicopters (Surion) of the Navy; This is a help in the Eurocopter helicopter developed for the Korean Army. Expected, the "perfect Eagle" will be in service next year. However, for Korea Aerospace Industries, in the Navy to meet the schedule and cost required in the circumstances, developed a general-purpose helicopters, the Navy is a major challenge. Meanwhile, the country would like to buy mine-sweeping helicopters air.

Look at Indonesia, another military procurement is in progress, but need several years to finalize. A Navy official said Indonesia, Indonesia's navy has not anti-submarine helicopters, but ready to buy a few planes. He did not say when to buy, but said, depending on the Government of Indonesia. He said Indonesia's navy plans to "Sigma 9113" class destroyers equipped with anti-submarine helicopters, light protection.

A Thai navy official told, "Aviation Week", Thailand also plans to Sikorsky km for the production of S-70-7 anti-submarine helicopter to buy updates. Thailand in the late nineties of last century purchased six of the helicopter, but in order to save money, never buy, including investment, including anti-submarine sonar hanging bag.

Lockheed - Martin P-3 "Orion" anti-submarine aircraft design and manufacturing director Mark - Jarvis (Mark Jarvis) said late last year, new home aspect of the company sent a letter of request information of the aircraft.

Jarvis said that if Singapore's purchase of P-3 "Orion" anti-submarine aircraft, it may be similar to Taiwan in a way to get the anti-submarine aircraft, was acquired after 2012, the U.S. Navy used the P-3C anti-submarine aircraft.

Because the Chinese submarine force began to grow, and China has become stronger showing confidence; Asian countries will enhance their anti-submarine warfare capabilities as a very urgent task.

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