Western two slaps waked China, the possibility of war that China is facing is greatly increasing

To rob other people's wealth is thenational foundation of our USA

hina military:The past ten years, China has been in the position on the war are taking the road of fewer but better troops; can be said that crack troops are correct, and will be located in the local wars of war, under the high-tech warfare, it is biased. Well, China is currently facing the threat of war circumstances, in the end it is the high-tech local wars, or will the outbreak of large-scale war? Let us do some analysis on this issue.

War has always break out when we haven't fully prepared 

Since ancient times, the scale of the war, whether it is the first winner, the winner is the last we see from beginning to end, is not ready to wait until the two sides before the outbreak of war; contrary, has been actively preparing for a party, and the other, but indulge in the gentle village or the other party has not really ready when the war broke out.

World War II Germany and the Soviet Union into the war, the war in China and Japan, the United States and Japan, the war at Pearl Harbor, etc., are true. Japan can be said for the war done enough homework, and this homework is filtering layers of management, and finally get that the war will not break out. Paralysis resulting from the idea that one is prepared for war is not ready, the other is simply not psychologically prepared to do battle, the results are almost devastating.

So both sides of the war is concerned, has always been ready to party, who said that is better prepared, while the other, but not ready, or prepared enough. In these circumstances, the outbreak of war, one who is not ready, how large a passive situation. But to reverse this situation, the passive side, we will face very complex situations and huge losses.

And this paralysis, outstanding shall become, or in the management of senior military class, their own interests or to avoid the war of ideas, so that the question of whether the war come, resulting in miscarriage of justice. It is this miscarriage of justice, making the entire country and the military is mired in a difficult combat situation.

Controversy surrounding the increasingly fierce, China faced the possibility of war greatly increased

Throughout China's neighboring countries and potential rivals, we can see, China is suffering a crisis of unprecedented. This crisis is a step by step into the brink of war; almost half the countries around China, and China are more or less the existence of the dispute. Three of them hot, the East China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, the South China Sea and southern Tibet;

For these four aspects are more hot spots. As for the potential adversary, such as Afghanistan, the U.S. military, the rise of Russia, there is the three forces of the west and so on. These are indeed affect the body, often one party has the action, the parties are just around the corner. So once that war, do not rule out other locations will be the war broke out.

Of course, those nasty little devils with their war comes in the second; stationed at the gates of the U.S. military and the increasing strength of the Russian Far East, becoming a new player.

And even more worrying is that the eastward expansion of NATO eastward expansion has gradually to China's western entrance. Thus, from the four corners, the Chinese are under threat.

Libya from the most recent war in the United States point of view, exposing the United States is still ambitious; in the past when powerful United States, in foreign wars; and when the strength of the weak, but also the war.

Thus at the present, the Chinese threat to the north, Russia's slow, south India are courting; east of Japan and the United States preparing for the western region have gradually eastward expansion of NATO, together with the South China Sea and other smaller countries continue to sweep the course, China faces the possibility of war of being rapid move up.

For American power is gradually declining, we see a stream of re-division of the world is filled with uncertainties. It is this undercurrent, the first black African from blowing; Libyan war, certainly not a local war. It is this situation that makes one-sided Libya is now not involved in too many countries, and once fell into a stalemate, the United States in the war and then to show hesitation or retreat into the performance, then the African Union, I am afraid it will, and friction of war on the Arab League.

Once the expansion of war in Africa, world powers, also had to face the challenges of policy integration. Putin from Russia and the United States attack on Libya policy, we can see, in the face of their own interests, the more and more countries have abandoned the negotiations and a peaceful solution.

This situation has produced three levels of reasons, the first one is from World War II, the world's countries are fast developing their own military arm, to prevent a new war; second, due to the relatively peaceful environment, some countries have accumulated The abundance of riches, but for those countries, accumulated Cai Fu, Bu Huiji own nationals, but the procurement of weapons of mass - which is more representative of India, now India has made his own ass a powder keg - is used to buy weapons to fight, not for destruction; third world more and more controversial issues, more intense, such as climate issues, such as inequality problems, such as rich to the poor treatment of the issue, and so on.

Some countries from the recent performance, with the accumulation of weapons, more and more emboldened to speak more and more larger. The collapse of the Soviet Union made the world a fundamental change in strength, but this change does one-sided, so the world is a clique plan of the world conflict. So once the outbreak of war, threatening to quickly spread to the world, rarely spared the country!

China needs a large-scale fighting hard to prepare the psychological and practical

Back to see the reality of the situation in China, facing the threat of war than almost any other country in the world. Then once the collective outbreak of conflicts around, then China can withstand multiple countries, multiple batches and full-blown war fight?

Some people say that it is wealthy and poor, some people say China's economic development has made China stronger abnormal. But after so many decades, we look at the ability of China's handling of how large-scale war going? China's energy problem is more severe than the current year, since the war, almost all of the cars will lie nest. Resources available to the war in China, is shrinking and drying up.

Where the first element of the war, people - the problems, there have been a huge problem. First, is among the reserve and the militia, the only child too much. Although in a short time, China can mobilize its more than 10 million soldiers. But the mobilization of soldiers, in the end what equipment needs it? How security and equipped soldiers, guns and unanimously, also a priority.

Once the form of large-scale war, then China is ready to do large-scale fighting equipment? It already has the psychological warfare and the reality of hard to prepare it?

In short, any idea that the outbreak of the war are not naive; Saddam Hussein that the United States just to scare myself, the results were hanged; Gaddafi that the West is crying about the results of his good friend Nicolas Sarkozy in public bombing; so in the treatment of war, not for ourselves a default scenario. What high-tech small-scale, shallow, and the network and so on. These are possible, and are included in the large-scale operations under.

Because the enemy soldiers have been fodder calendar horse, has long been ready. Hebei Province has been hit really know, war comes it? So plan ahead and never late!

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