The U.S. military warms that Chinese missiles will rain down to the Guam

People's Liberation Army's newest equipment, medium-range strategic missiles DF-21C

China military:Beginning in 2010, the United States spent 12.8 billion, a comprehensive upgrade of naval and air bases in Guam, the Guam playing a super base for the United States, which called for the Second World War the largest U.S. military base in the western Pacific expansion. However, the project seems to have "met with an unprecedented threat." March 31 United States, "Navy Times", "Air Force Times," and "Army Times," a rare warning that "China's ballistic missiles will fall like rain to the U.S. military facilities on Guam." Report quoted a senior U.S. Naval War College Professor Thomas Man Ken saying, Guam and other U.S. military bases in the Pacific is now in the Chinese missile threat. He suggested that the United States apart from strengthening the defense, but also need to help allies in the construction of submarines to counterbalance China.

The report stressed that, over the years, the central Guam in the western Pacific has been seen as the U.S. military's "safe haven", but now either Guam or other Pacific places, the "safe haven" concept has become increasingly questionable. Isle of Man Ken Thomas said, "we no longer fight beyond the exposure to the Chinese ballistic missiles will fall like rain to the airport in Guam and other U.S. military facilities." He believes that when the United States bogged down in Afghanistan over the past decade and difficult to get out of the Middle East issue, China has made in a series of rapid advances in military technology. "In addition to conventional ballistic missiles, China has also developed equipment, sea-based nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles with conventional warheads, nuclear and diesel-powered submarines, cruise missiles, intercontinental ballistic missile, better fighters, bombers and anti-satellite weapons, cyber warfare field has not been ignored. "

Maen Ken believes that the U.S. military still maintained a clear advantage, but "in some respects, this advantage is gradually lost." Maen Ken in early March to the Armed Services Committee, and representatives from Guam, Madeleine members issued a similar warning. "The United States in Guam, Japan and other parts of the base to the idea from attack is questionable. The Chinese military is a lot of equipment, ballistic and cruise missiles, which are designed to destroy the most critical facilities and equipment." He also said that China is developing day and night "paralyzing or destroying the U.S. command, control and communications capabilities, and U.S. intelligence, surveillance and navigation system project, these systems are essential for U.S. military operations."

Maen Ken concluded that "China's military modernization has changed once again the military balance in Asia." He even said that China's emphasis on the armed forces, "much like the 30s of last century in Germany," many of China's military activities are hidden in the tunnel, escaped the U.S. satellite surveillance.

According to reports, the U.S. security extremely seriously on Guam one of the important reasons is that the U.S. military is Guam massive construction projects, intended to build for the Western Pacific region where the super base. According to the Japan-US agreement, the Pentagon about the next few years will move 8,000 Marines to Guam waste of money renovate and expand the existing military facilities. For the entire expansion project, including a nuclear aircraft carrier berthing pier, complete with a live-fire missile defense exercise center position, the existing Air Force Base will also be expanded. Currently Guam, including a U.S. Air Force military installations in large bases, one can accommodate nuclear submarines and large warships of the naval port, and a Special Operations Command. This deployment of strategic bombers, fighters, tankers and "Global Hawk" unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, B-2 bombers stationed in the rotation all year round, the F-22 stealth fighter but often come to this "training." In addition, the U.S. Coast Guard also has a base here. Guam during World War II was the headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Reported that since World War II, the U.S. government has been such a forward base to deter opponents and protect allies, Guam is often referred to as the "spear of the tip front."

Maen Ken that, in response to China's military strength, the United States should strengthen in the Pacific, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance network, and strengthen the base for the Pacific and make it "diversity", especially in Guam. Allies also need to help develop and build a better submarine force to communicate with them means of communication. He said the U.S. government "must maintain a superior force in the Pacific region to ensure that achieve global reach."

In fact, the proposal released in Maen Ken before the United States has undertaken to strengthen the defense here. According to the U.S. Global Strategic Network reported in 2010, the U.S. military in Guam, a solid bullet-proof bunker construction, enhancement of the aircraft, fuel, ammunition, supplies and the protection of important equipment to prevent ballistic missile attacks. In addition, Guam will deploy an advanced air and missile defense systems. Including a "THAAD" missile, the deployment of the system and Guam "Patriot -3" level with the formation of anti-missile system, coupled with the deployment of U.S. Navy destroyers in the surrounding sea-based missile defense system equipped with, Guam, the U.S. will attack the formation of ballistic and cruise missiles to intercept three laps.

However, U.S. lawmakers said in a statement Madeleine, she did not fully endorse the views of Maen Ken, "and not the interests of China against the United States in Guam, a clear threat. U.S. Pacific Command said the military can deal with any country weapons. "she said," Although I am very concerned about the level of investment in the Chinese military, but I am convinced that through the exchanges between military officials, as well as economic cooperation between the two countries, Sino-US relations will continue to improve. "

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