Japan issued the "disordered" Diplomatic Blue Book, another provocative statement on islands provocates neighboring countries again

China military:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan published on April 1 2011, "Diplomatic Blue Book," Review of Japanese diplomacy, "not stable" in 2010. Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" 1, that the Japanese in April 2010 has changed the two Prime Ministers, three Foreign Secretary, created the year 2011 this "unprecedented chaos instruments." Blue Book, said, "After the collision the Diaoyu Islands, Japan-China relations into the improvement of track", but "Japan and China need to strengthen private feelings", which became part of the Japanese media, one of the most concern. In addition, the book also continued last year on the "Takeshima" (South Korea called Dokdo) is the representation of Japanese territory, triggering a new round of protest against South Korea.

1, at Matsumoto, Japan, Foreign Minister in the cabinet meeting just out to make a report on this Blue Book. In the Blue Book's Preface, the Matsumoto pointed out that East Japan earthquake was "the biggest national crisis in Japan after the war," "will, through the difficult period for the completion of the redevelopment is fully committed to diplomacy." He pointed out that after the earthquake the world lent a helping hand to Japan, highlighting the importance of diplomacy.

According to Japan's "Daily News", Jiji Press and other reports on the 1st, Blue Book and Japan focus on telling the Diaoyu Islands in September 2010 collision, said "although the result was strained Japan-China relations, but with November's APEC (APEC ) summit, has entered the improvement of track ", but" Japan and China need to strengthen private feelings. " Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" claimed, the Blue Book stressed the East Asian region, "there is a threat to the traditional" --- China's national defense force to enhance and frequent maritime activities, saying it was "concerned matters", to "take appropriate measures to enable China military more transparent. " For the Japan-US relations, the Blue Book is called with the Prime Minister Naoto Kan in June before the visit to the U.S., Japan and the U.S. will soon develop and issue a "21st century the specific content of Japan-US alliance," the joint statement. In addition, the Blue Book also said that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited last November, "the four northern islands" (called the South Kuril Islands, Russia) in the country after the island "can not forgive", but Japan and Russia, the peaceful settlement of "the four northern islands" in the policy "There is no change." Japan, "Asahi Shimbun," the 1st to "Foreign Minister 3 debut, an unprecedented year for the Blue Book reflect the chaos" in the title that since April 2010, Prime Minister of Japan, there have been two, three foreign minister, five deputy Foreign Minister debut number of modifications resulting in the contents of the Blue Book. Reported that the Blue Book has been basically completed in February of this year, because it was the foreign minister or Maehara, Preface, and so are most of Maehara's report and photos. Before the original March issue because of donations after the resignation of the Foreign Ministry will only change the Blue Book's Preface and photographs become the Matsumoto Gang Ming. Last year, 9 months ago, Katsuya Okada, the Japanese foreign minister is, so there are Blue Book Katsuya Okada also pictures of the UN Security Council speech.

It should be noted that the 2010 edition of Foreign Affairs of Japan in the event in the Blue Book, "East Asia Community" in this year's Blue Book almost disappeared. "Asahi Shimbun," said Japanese Prime Minister reflected Diplomatic Blue Book, the confusion caused by frequent replacement of Secretary of State: Diplomatic Blue Book of the focus last year when he was Prime Minister Hatoyama Yukio promote the "East Asia Community", will this is called Japan " Asian diplomacy pillars. " But this year's Blue Book did not mention this statement completely, "East Asian Community," the words almost disappeared; on the other hand, the first of the original to promote the "economic diplomacy," the account has increased substantially, the Japanese Shinkansen diplomacy, nuclear export occupied a lot of space.

Blue Book on "Takeshima is Japanese territory," the statement triggered a strong protest South Korea on the 1st. Korean Foreign Ministry asked the Japanese to remove the statement, South Korea, Science and Education Minister announced that the 1st visit Dokdo, install emission line detector to show sovereignty. March 11, after a major earthquake in Japan, South Korea, donations from all walks of life, but the Japanese on March 30 was considered and adopted the "Takeshima is Japanese territory," the statement added the country's school textbooks. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak 1, said this was "deeply disappointed." 1, two consecutive days ask to see the Korean ambassador to Japan, denied Kwon Chul-hyun met with Japanese Foreign Minister Matsumoto finally just out, but was told not to accept South Korea to "Dokdo" in protest. Chinese Foreign Ministry on March 31 also will be Japan's approval of textbooks as the Diaoyu Islands to protest Japan's territory. News 31, now in Taiwan, said, "lend a helping hand to Japan in China and South Korea are to help them tide over the difficulties, Japan has chosen to hurt and provoke each other." This became the most hits in Japan 1, one of the news.


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