Shocking: Chinese weapons turned out to be so vulnerable

China military:PLA Air Force is relying on the hands from the defeated Nationalist forces captured a number of aircraft started, and now has made remarkable progress.

People's Liberation Army Air Force yesterday to celebrate the 60th anniversary, and fully demonstrated the full range of increasingly sophisticated weapons systems. Air Force's role in the Chinese army is becoming increasingly important, and can give priority access to resources.

However, in the history of most of the time, compared with China's massive ground forces, the Air Force has played a minor role. Until the 20th century, 90 years, the Air Force really achieve great development.

Cause great changes in China's strategic thinking, and to promote the PLA Air Force will shift to a major event in 1990 to 1991 Gulf War, and the effect was more significant from 1998 to 1999 war in Kosovo - the first totally dependent on Air Force to win the war. These two wars have shown that, compared with the concentration of ground forces, air force how powerful. This greatly shocked the Chinese military leaders, prompting them to rethink their overall strategy.

International Military Association in Macau Chairman Wang Dong (sound), said: "When you see armed with homemade weapons in the Gulf War, Iraqi forces were in the Air Force eliminated, the PLA was in shock."

"In this period of 38 days of the war, Air Force dominated the war. It show's strike capability and firepower, the PLA Air Force is elusive."

Prior to this, most of the People's Liberation Army generals still cling to outdated Soviet military theory that rely on large mechanized ground forces, overwhelmingly defeat the enemy. Air force primarily responsible for providing support.

"Despite boasting about its thousands of fighter jets and bombers, but the majority of the PLA Air Force aircraft are outdated and cheap imitation of the Soviet Union aircraft."

PLA Institute of Military Manpower Strategy Research Center Liuding Ping wrote in an article: "People's Liberation Army continues to believe that the U.S. will start to go the Soviet Union (in the Afghan war) of the old, sending large numbers of ground forces invade Iraq. However, we quickly sense that we were wrong. "

"Kosovo War and the war in Afghanistan further to give us a profound lesson for us to realize that we must invest more resources to conduct research and development of high-tech weapons."

Since then, China began to take remarkable action on the reform of the Air Force. Assigned to the Air Force and Navy, more and more resources, the PLA ground forces are constantly reducing the number of disarmament has more than 100 million people.

1996 Taiwan Strait crisis, is another highlight to the People's Liberation Army Air Force of the importance of a modern event. Then Taiwan leader Lee Teng-hui is clamoring for "Republic of China on Taiwan." Beijing to seek full independence as a step, then respond to the coast in the Taiwan Strait and the surrounding large-scale military exercises as a warning.

People's Liberation Army Air Force, deployed along the coast about 1,300 aircraft, but they soon realized that most of the aircraft is too old, so if a conflict with Taiwan, they can not effectively perform combat missions. While Taiwan has a small scale, but the more advanced air force.

Taiwan's "national" political expert Arthur S. Ding University of PLA, said: "Taiwan's air force with advanced weapons systems, such as purchased from the U.S. E-2 airborne early warning aircraft. Our pilots are well trained in the United States Air Force. At the time of the PLA Air Force can not compete with us. "

However, since then, the balance of power has undergone tremendous changes, today's People's Liberation Army Air Force in front of Taiwan's air force has been living in a superior position.

PLA has developed its own airborne early warning and command systems, air refueling, and advanced fighter jets and so on.

Bit dry, Professor Washington College of Defence Studies, said Bernard Cole, the PLA Air Force's progress is largely due to the rapid development of the country's economy.

He said: "China's performance and the history of the rise of other powers is consistent with the performance, about the advantages of investment in economic growth among the military modernization. Therefore, we should anticipate that the future of the PLA Air Force will continue to get more advanced aircraft. "

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