Russia said Chian J-20 reached the standard of the 5th generation fighter, which can attack aircraft carrier battle groups

The article said that China J-20 fighter might complete the task of long-range volley.

      China military:According to the Russian Military News April 1 reported that since entering the 21st century, China's military science and defense industry show samples in the research and development of modern military equipment continued growth potential that the development of advanced weapons program is a national priority, the development of the aviation industry just as fast, as evidenced by the J -20 turned out.

  January 11, 2011 611 aerospace manufacturing research institutes in Chengdu, China's 5th generation fighter J -20 successful launch of test samples, 18 minutes after the successful landing of the flight, with flight of the J -10 flight filmed the whole process. Development of China's 5th generation fighter news first appeared in 1995, there were reports that SAC 601 and 611 fly into two separate projects to start their work in 2008, the CAC 611 to determine the main research and development unit. First aircraft in December last year, completed the first taxi tests sample machine.

  Although the developer is not yet disclosed the
relevant data of J-20, but rumors of foreign experts have the network, aircraft photos, flight test and the official news video to estimating, to reach agreement in many ways, and thus the performance of J -20 have a general understanding. Foreign experts say the J -20 wide-body, large delta wing, canard-front horizontal tail, with two full-motion vertical stabilizer. Front fuselage and the U.S. F-22A is similar to the tail and the Russian MiG-1.42, similar to the MiG 1.44. Two engines in the fuselage below the wing. Wingspan is estimated at 14 meters, 23-24 meters long, weighing 40 tons take-off, most likely 34-36 tons. Performance point of view from the large size, the F -20 sustainable design requirements to implement a long mission. Aerodynamic shape that it has high flight technical performance, relatively little of the supersonic speed, good fuel consumption levels. J -20 might be the best long-range volley to complete the task, blocking the enemy's strategic bombers, transport planes, refueling aircraft, AWACS, command, etc, can be used as stealth bombers, but also to attack distant targets and aircraft carrier battle groups at sea.

  Foreign experts agreed that at the beginning of J-20 at least two samples before the test machine, one using the AL-31FN engine, maximum 13.5 tons thrust, export-oriented and J -10 -27 Su is also equipped with this engine; another frame using the modified WS-10G "Taihang" engine, the maximum thrust 14.5 tons, or say 15 tons. The latter is used in the first phase of the F -20 engines, the thrust of 16.3 tons by 2020, the WS-15 replacement in the future will be the second phase of the engine thrust reached 18.3 tons. J -20 fuselage longer be able to configure one or more weapons, tanks, long-range anti-ship missiles mounted, large diameter bombs, air to air missiles. Body the use of synthetic materials.
J-20 to achieve supersonic flight speed, but not long supersonic flight. Existing engines do not meet the requirements of the 5th generation fighter, airborne electronic equipment, radio electronic warfare equipment are the results of reference F -10, the overall level has reached the 4th generation + fighter standards. Currently only new generation fighter J-20 technology demonstration platform and a test platform for China's aviation industry needs at least 5 years to further improve and test, also needed three years to organize mass production, the first aircraft by the troops of the time no earlier in the 2018-2020 year.

  However, begin flight tests proved that 
J-20 aviation industry has developed rapidly in China, but also the full use of modern technology to speed up the process of independent innovation. In short, can be said that the Chinese aviation industry has achieved a consistent high quality of present and future requirements of the new level.j-20 stealth fighter,j-20 stealth,j-20,j-20 fighter,j-20 prototype,china j-20 stealth fighter,china j-20,china


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