Russian media ridicules the U.S. F-22 fighter full of bugs, can not participate air strike against Libya

U.S. Air Force F-22A fighter

According to the Russian Military Review Online April 6 reported that, although the United States has trumpeted the 5th generation fighter F-22 "Raptor" is the world's best fighter, but allowed to participate in the Western Allied military operations in Libya, and Also relevant to explain the reasons for trying to hide something and was again exposed a series of F-22 performance deficiencies, it is not too good in this to damage the reputation of another, it is suspicious of their actual performance.

Since from March 19 to the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, United States, France-based NATO Libya "Odyssey Dawn" military action, the main combat mission by the French "Rafale", U.S. F-15, F- 16, British "wind GR4" fighter implementation. As early as before the war, some European and American analysts predict that the U.S. hype, and have been equipped with 6-year-old 5th generation fighter F-22 will participate for the first time to accept reality check. But to their disappointment, the U.S. Air Force F-22 is not allowed over in Libya, but stressed that the future does not appear. In fact, the Western Allies would have been F-22 did not expect to participate in combat operations, this is not particularly concerned about, but the U.S. has repeatedly defended this end, Law lists a number of reasons, such as (1) F-22 was mainly located in air, rather than ground attack; (2) F-22 airborne communication equipment could not upgrade, no data exchange with other aircraft; (3), individual defects found in test flight, forcing in fact, significantly reduced with the ceiling.

U.S. analysts Chi Ku Laike Lexington Institute, said Thompson, March 22, although the F-22 is the world's most advanced fighter, but set no-fly zone is not appropriate to participate in the elimination of Libya's air defense system similar to the other tasks, because most The basic task is not carried out precision strikes against ground targets, though it can carry two 450 kg weight JDAM precision-guided bombs, but can only destroy fixed targets, but can not hit moving targets; In addition, F-22 airborne radar can not the same as synthetic aperture radar terrain mapping, which means it can not independently select ground targets, if it is to carry out the bombing of a target, you must fight off target before the relevant information into the onboard computer systems.

Moreover, the issue is far from F-22 all the defects. The original, F-22's communications is extremely limited, and only one squadron of F-22 fighters for other operational information exchange, and its equipment Link16 standard communication system, "Performance shrink" is very serious, only one-way receiver aircraft and helicopters from other intelligence operations. In the development of F-22, the U.S. engineers are interested in limiting their communication capabilities in order to ensure the highest degree of stealth performance to ensure that their state is always in radio silence for combat operations.

Of course, Thompson's explanation for not too much attention because of his conclusions are sometimes somewhat suspect speculation or fiction, but also rejected by the United States military. For example, the Air Force commander Schwartz countered that, if the F-22 deployment to a base in Western Europe, they will naturally participate in the Libyan military operations, coalition forces launched the operation fairly quickly, so make the fight as close as possible to use resources the right decision. As we all know, the U.S. Air Force F-22 fighters are currently deployed in Alaska, Virginia, California, New Mexico, Florida and Hawaii, far from the Mediterranean coast, long-range raid is not necessary. He stressed that, although the F-22 will not participate in Libya's action, but this does not prove that performance can not. Schwartz still in the U.S. House Appropriations Committee hearing to explain the 2010 decision to give up F-22 communications system upgrade project because the U.S. military had planned to "incremental 3.2" within the framework of the project to install F-22 "multi-functional Advanced data link "(MADL) standard communication system module. The new communications system plan is currently the main assembly to the F-35 "Lightning" II fighter, there is no real level of the test after the U.S. Air Force F-22 do not want on the first try, worrying that it will only waste a lot of manpower and material resources, And there are some technical risks. This interpretation was foreign intelligence before the U.S. Air Force Secretary Jieputula criticism, claiming that the modern world's most advanced fighter planes and other aircraft are unable to exchange of operational information, equipment, aircraft apparently did not sense this.

U.S. Air Force argue that, although the existence of F-22 aircraft, communications and other problems, but it can be guaranteed through a special system of coordination with other aircraft, through the improvement of 6 special edition UAV, such as the RQ-4 "Global Eagle "Block20 achieve information exchange, the F-22 data obtained with Link16 communication systems to other aircraft, which respond to the needs of large-scale war. But this way there is no practical application, the authenticity of the natural suspect.

Since 2005, the U.S. Air Force equipped with F-22 has never participated in any of these fighters in a U.S. military participation in armed conflict. On the one hand, we must admit, F-22 engaged in similar in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan or Somalia is indeed too high costs of military operations; the other hand, the war F-22 practice tests for all the technical performance and operational effectiveness, combat and demonstrate advanced powerful, or convincing, but damage their own image.

F-22 fighters by the end of March the image has again been a significant blow to the U.S. decision to limit flying height of its more restricted, with a maximum ceiling of not more than 7600 meters. According to the U.S. F-22 previously reported the technical performance parameters, and its service ceiling of about 20,000 meters, and so greatly limit natural surprising. Originally, the U.S. military inspection found F-22 onboard oxygen generating system may have a serious defect, which may also contributed to the November 17, 2010 an F-22 crash causes. At that time the F-22 aircraft test flight in Alaska may be the oxygen system failure, the system responsible for generating oxygen, and through a special helmet to ensure that pilots flying at high altitude when the demand for normal breathing, when the crash when the pilot may be unconscious from lack of oxygen , leading to loss of control. In explaining the U.S. military F-22 flight altitude restrictions noted in the 15,000 m or higher flight, once the oxygen supply disruption helmet, pilots will be unconscious within 10 seconds, no time to do an emergency down to free helmet breathing height. 7600 m height is the most secure, once interrupted oxygen helmet, pilots have the opportunity to complete in 10 seconds down to 5400 meters below the height of the problem will not be appealed.

It should be noted that, after F-22's reputation has been damaged to a considerable extent. The end of 2010 a temporary period of time the U.S. Air Force grounded all F-22, because the inspection found that the effect of airframe are not strong enough moisture, easy corrosion. Had also been found traces of corrosion. F-22 is not good use of moisture-proof system structure, moisture resistance can not meet the requirements not only cover the part of individual, even in the pilot inside the cockpit has a rust, if the ejection seat could cause serious corrosion problems. 2009 F-22 Air Force 12 transition from Alaska to Guam Andersen base, later found too humid climate on the stability of the aircraft electronic systems had an impact on the work, and computer cooling system in a damp environment simply can not function properly, the whether the defect has been eliminated is unclear. Olsen, 2009 years ago as an engineer accused of Lockheed - Martin deliberate creation failed F-22, called to ensure all the necessary aircraft stealth by performance testing apply a few Road entirely superfluous coating, the radar absorbing coating quality is not high, not durable, in fuels, lubricants, even under the water very easy to use quickly erased. 2007 F-22 onboard computer systems or even several times a ridiculous failure, when in February the first country to fly Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan, the six F-22 starting from Hawaii, when crossing the meridian and lost all navigation part of the communication function, forced to return to base in Hawaii, because the computer program error, there has been time to conversion problems.

It must be emphasized that the above deficiencies is officially recognized by the U.S. Air Force and the Defense Department does not rule out the existence of the U.S. F-22 is also carefully concealed the possibility of other defects.

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