China will build 7-8 aircraft carriers, and force to strangle the throat of the U.S. military

China military:According to "New York Post" reported on April 8, China's first aircraft carrier is about water. Reported: "For those who deny that the rise of Chinese naval experts, this news ironic."

The article said that the Chinese naval threat to U.S. interests would not increasing the illusion, to be questioned. Please focus on the following facts:

First, those who did almost all of the relevant investigation convinced of its growing defense budget increase.

Second, compared with the U.S., China more cost-effective planning, construction and maintenance of its military power. Chinese military shirt less alone that China has the upper hand.

Third, China's rapid economic growth, and its abhorrence of predatory Western powers. In this way, China would not be satisfied with the U.S. Navy have regional equality.

Fourth, China continues to expand in the Fiji Islands, Samoa, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea Island and the influence of the island, the establishment of the Western Pacific Economic "power." Moreover, China is still in Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean to establish economic cooperation; this are beneficial to China as a world power.

Fifth, China has become the oil, gas and a major importer of raw materials and export finished products; the import and export routes are protected by China.

The article also said that China's geopolitical strategy must shift from the inside and the surrounding coast. China will build aircraft carriers, admit it, it clearly the next step: Reshaping Chinese Navy, the purpose is to expand the "Global" power projection.

The article said that the U.S. government and the public refusing to face facts; the contrary, the U.S. defense spending and government health spending, agricultural subsidies, as assessed with the object. This will affect its future development. Control of Taiwan, mainland China is bound to boost the morale of the enemy will cheer for the United States, it lost the confidence of friendly countries. For example, Cuba and Venezuela will be a threat to the United States in the Gulf of Mexico's oil resources, control of the Panama Canal shipping companies in China, is likely to cut off the U.S. Maritime Strategy fortress - through the imposition of the Chinese aircraft carrier battle groups. Meanwhile, China announced the Malacca Strait maritime quarantine, the same will be implemented by the Navy Strategic air superiority, which the U.S. military will have a devastating economic impact. This will affect the world. Chinese Navy will follow the mode of operation of the U.S. Navy to curb the United States in the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean, the military power.

The article said that the future, the Chinese navy will be in less than seven aircraft carriers has grown under the protection of, all kinds of cases followed, disturbing. In particular, the U.S. aircraft carriers from 15 to 11 vessels, may also be reduced to 10, this unease has become even more apparent.

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