U.S. comcern for the phased array radars equipped for F-16 will be captured by PLA

U.S. Air Force F-16C fighter fleet

Concerned about the trends in Asia's independent news analysis site "Sentinel Asia" on April 6 reported that the Taipei government has been purchased from Obama hope to the new F-16C / D fighters, but Washington has said he was reluctant. Obama said to wish to avoid approval of arms sales to more than 5.5 billion contract with Beijing so as not to become enemies.

May change Taiwan's "midlife crisis" is the only way to upgrade existing F-16A / B fleet components. However, according to recent media reports that Taiwan is not for rectification Air Force. If the report was reliable, 12 months ago Taiwan all likelihood will not be more advanced F-16C / D fighters.

If U.S. allies began to doubt the U.S. has made the commitment to regional security, then the resulting response can not be ignored. No new updates to fighter aircraft and military power, within a decade the Air Force of Taiwan can not compete with the mainland. Washington decision on whether to maintain a certain self-defense capability of Taiwan is of great significance, some even say that the best period in the cross-strait relations, this approach is of great strategic significance.

President of the United States and Taiwan Chamber of Commerce, Rupert - Hammond - Chambers said: "In the next few years, China Taiwan and mainland China will rapidly increase the pressure of competition, not only in economic terms, and also in the political and military . If the lack of reliable defense of Taiwan, the mainland will be that the U.S. lack of resolve, sharp increase in the likelihood of miscarriage of justice, and cross-strait relations will be extremely tense. Although the arms sales to Taiwan, in the short term bilateral relations with China become hostile, but always return to a solid base. If the United States succumbed to short-term interests, not to provide Taiwan with necessary weapons and targeted, the mainland will rise adventurism. "

Two professors at the U.S. Naval War College Yoshihara Jun wells (Toshi Yoshihara) and James - Holmes (James R. Holmes) in his book "Red Star Over the Pacific: China's rise and the challenges facing the U.S. Navy," wrote: "Over the years, the U.S. strategists stressed that Taiwan's air superiority over the mainland United States of checks and balances to curb the ultimate trump card abuse and. This is because, without air cover, the PLA's amphibious forces water formation and will easily be air strikes, the manufacture of any conflict in the Taiwan Strait is undoubtedly the destruction. " For the PLA, the control of the air is so important, especially in all military activities against the early stages of Taiwan. The rules are simple: If within 10 to 15 years, Taiwan's combat abandoned, the PLA will win the confidence of the Taiwan Strait to the large quantities of ground forces.

According to the conservative "Washington Times" was a report that outgoing Secretary of State James - Steinberg (said he was a pro-Chinese diplomat) to force the White House to reconsider the value of 4.5 billion arms sales to Taiwan, which provides upgrade 146 F-16A / B fighters performance required components. He warned that Beijing may be immediately interrupted and the United States military relations, as in early 2010, Beijing, another large-scale arms sales to Taiwan for the reaction when the same.

According to "Defense News" reports that, in addition to Steinberg's factors, there is another objection to help Taiwan to implement F-16A / B fighter aircraft upgrade program performance sound. This authoritative journal in the United States government, whether in accordance with the plans for active phased array AESA radar delivered to a heated debate in Taiwan. Because they worried that the powerful can make ships and aircraft radar jamming signal transmitting confidential technology, cross-strait reunification with the mainland in one fell swoop was obtained.

In response to the above reports, the U.S. State Department denied the delay F-16 fighter jets to provide upgrade kits argument. Taiwan "foreign minister" also claimed that government reports in Taiwan arms sales, and knowledge of the delay. At the same time, Taiwan's "Executive Yuan" in Taiwan Wu Den-yih in a speech to the Foreign Correspondents Club, said: "Regardless of whether the provision of F-16C / D arms, F-16A / B's performance upgrades are a virtual certainty."

These American-made fighter jets in 1997-2001 to deliver Taiwan, although their technical performance upgrade for many different reports, but one thing is certain; that is with advanced technology compared to the PLA Air Force, F-16A / B type electronic warfare aircraft need better equipment, and monitoring a wider range of radar. "Defense News" reports that, in addition to the exchange of radar, installed in the aircraft, "Sidewinder" (AIM-9X) air to air missiles, install new internal electronic jamming transmitters and other advanced targeting pod, airborne avionics computing power and weapons systems may be upgraded. These can improve the situational awareness, air to air capability, target accuracy, and pilot data obtained.

The magazine further predicted that the new multi-function color display and the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System attached. This technology allows the pilot targeting the "Sidewinder," the self-guided head, they can only rely on the eye seems to "lock" target, so that both hands freed from the combat operations. Meanwhile, the new engine is also foreseeable.

Chinese writings, and even made a further outlook. Hong Kong and mainland China can adapt to a variety of writers referred to the weather GPS cruise missile, which will fully enhance Taiwan's ground attack. They pointed out that Taiwan is likely to choose improved fire control system of the "Sidewinder" missiles, warships and ground it to attack the armored vehicles. If Washington does delay sales to China-US relations would be so controversial that the F-16C / D fighter aircraft transactions difficult to implement, it will make Taiwan the next decade there is no reliable air power.

"Defense News" Asia editor Wendell - Minnick (Wendell Minnick) to accept the "Sentinel Asia" interview with the timetable outlined in the following:

Minnick said: "After the upgrade, if maintained suitably, F-16A / B can continue to serve 15 to 20 years; but if you do not upgrade, they will only serve 10 to 15 years, mainly to see how much the budget. A F -16A / B can be upgraded with the Chinese fourth generation fighter aircraft, such as -27 F -10 and Su rival, but certainly can not compete with the J -20. " J -20 is the successful test flight earlier this year, the Chinese Air Force has just the fifth generation stealth fighter. In the next 10 years, the military factory in Taiwan can play in this task without the other models. There was only no older equipment over the horizon F-5 fighter jets. Minnick said: "Taiwan now used for training and maritime reconnaissance aircraft can not compete with the fourth-generation fighter"

Mirage -2000-- has been plagued by low level of combat readiness, will be sealed in the coming years. Finally, homeland defense service life of aircraft has also been questioned. To make matters worse, the existing on-board weapons is not in good condition. In a recent firing tests, from the F-16A / B US-made air-launched "Sparrow" missile is launched from the Mirage -2000 target warhead more than the legal defense and fired home from the IDF, the development of the "Sky Sword" 2 neither type of air to air missile hit the target.

Accept the "Sentinel Asia" interview strategy experts strongly opposed the so-called delayed F-16A / B upgrade and F-16C / D sales. "If the Chinese mainland and Taiwan opened fire: military strategy, politics and economy" of the University of Nottingham Steve - said: "The Government is opposed to upgrading Taiwan's active Obama F16A / B fleet, and refused to use the new F-16C / D replace the old fighter Taiwan's decision is unwise and thoughtless. cut Taiwan's air power will cause the Taiwan Strait and the risk of being increasing air attacks, but this risk will continue to deepen. "

Steve - have further pointed out that, if there is a new Taiwan Strait crisis, regardless of the current U.S. government if the matter will be a series of major consequences; allies in the region will be shaken confidence in the United States, the U.S. national interest would be a serious setback . He said that if Taiwan's defense capability reduced, the United States itself against mainland will pay a higher price. He said: "The U.S. Navy, the Air Force will have a much faster rate than expected to help Taiwan to enhance defense capabilities to enable Taiwan to maintain a strong and effective air defense capability."

In Steve - who seems to be expected in such circumstances, Taiwan's best way is to have a reliable air defense forces, which could allow Beijing to renounce the use of force to resolve the Taiwan issue. He concluded: "No one wants war, and the modernization of Taiwan's air defense capability to prevent war. Taiwan's National Chengchi University Department of Chinese political researcher Arthur S. Ding (Arthur Ding), said:" The United States needs to consider leadership in the region. If, as has recently been abandoned, as proposed by Taiwan, the U.S. allies in the region will collapse the building. If so, the United States is not necessary as the Secretary of State Hillary - Clinton put it 'back' in Asia. "

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