Varyag aircraft carrier upcoming trial , 70 years aircraft carrier dream of the Chinese people will achieve

China military:Recently, some domestic network of military forums have posted the photos of Chinese aircraft Varyag converted in Dalian shipyard. From the pictures, we can see that the project is entering a final phase, the carrier's large bridge ( In addition to active phased array radar system outside) is nearing completion. The carrier has been painting as a standard of the Chinese navy blue, light gray paint. April issue of the Canadian "Chinese Defense Review" magazine that the reconstructed "Varyag" aircraft carrier into the sea trials will stage this year, which will mark the Chinese have aircraft carriers - the arrival of this historic moment.

In 40's of last century, the KMT has developed over a Navy Navy development program, including the construction of China's own escort aircraft carrier. Since then, the dream of the Chinese aircraft carrier has been accompanied by the development of China's territorial seas defense. Today, with the aircraft carrier, the Chinese people cherished the dream of 70 years, the Ins and Outs of several generations of Chinese naval servicemen to persistent aspiration to be realized soon.

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