Libya vowed eliminate any foreign ground forces that dare to enter Libya

19, the Libyan government announced the name of any benefit under the banner to enter the territory of foreign troops are "invaders"and become a profit targets for attack by government forces. Earlier, the EU Commission, if the United Nations request to send EU troops to Leisy city Masi Flat commitment "to protect humanitarian relief work. "

At the same time, the British Government announced that the opposition had control of the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi to send "Advisory Group" to help the latter to better organize military operations. Britain said they will not engage in military adviser to the Libyan opposition, the work of arms and ammunition. Libyan government said that Britain and France ground to fall into the "abyss. "

Allied Commander of NATO admitted on the 19th, can not be forced through the air strikes to stop shelling of Muammar Gaddafi supporters Masi LVL action. LVL is the third largest city in Libya Masi is also opposition strongholds west of the country only. Now, the local government forces have been under siege for nearly two months. Anti-government militants have been compressed into the sea near the port area.

As the Libyan government forces and rebels had entered the city in street fighting state Masi Flat, NATO armed forces can not effectively distinguish the two factions, so not dare to help the opposition by air rescue. At present, basically at the Gaddafi, the Libyan supporters occupy the west, by the NATO air cover stick to the east of the opposition confrontation.

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No need to listen what Libyan leaders are saying the forces trying to kill all the rebels and also they do not want to participate in help of Libyan people if the other forces will come to Libya then they will what is going on in Libya exactly that's why they do not want to allow other countries forces into Libya.