China maybe have learned to use the aircraft carrier, into the Pacific Ocean in 5 years

China has completed the construction of ground simulation training system of aircraft carrier-based pilots in Wuhan, Hubei Province

China received from Ukraine Varyag aircraft carrier converted into the water about to complete trial of the message of concern. The carrier may be included in future Chinese naval battle fully compiled, and in the South China Sea on duty. Used on aircraft carrier strategies and experiences, the Chinese military may have had to learn to master the Russian military academies.

Orient good at their secret conservative. But there are still individual intelligence that the political leadership not only the South China Sea as a potential war zone, also strict control of the Chinese navy as the waters within their own space. After the modification and processing of Chinese shipyards, "Varyag"aircraft will satisfy the relevant quality standards, with combat, after trial may be deployed into the water to the South Seas, which is fully capable to some extent shaken the region, fragile balance of power. The U.S. government has expressed concern for the economic strength of China's sovereignty demands the South China Sea, Washington reacted strongly. As for launching China's first aircraft carrier, it is extremely concerned.

Some of anonymity, experts believe that China will not have aircraft carriers temporarily, even if composed of only three ships, to ensure the provision of a large aircraft carrier take-off platform. But this can not deny the Chinese leadership for its own aircraft carrier ship building concern. Make Americans more worried is that the Chinese naval officers may have had Wanquan the military academies in Russia by learning to master the carrier to use the strategy of the Soviet aircraft carrier-based aviation manufacturing and use of experience. About another 5-6 years, carrying a large number of fighters, a certain combat fleet in China is likely to enter the Pacific Ocean, and this situation is the United States and Japan in any case want to see.

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