"Internet freedom" - an excuse for U.S. hegemony

China military: This high-profile American to promote its "network concept of freedom of information", and naming things, criticized the sovereign state's legitimate network management, the background or the other: one person, the Internet is moving from providing information services to provide a platform for service extension, the West advocate "the Internet is free exchange of ideas and information, the most typical expression", in fact, with the network technology innovation and development, web application into the center of gravity, the Internet has grown from a simple consumer entertainment and information exchange, to more complex words and ideas expressed speech, in other words, although the Internet is a virtual space, but it has the real political and economic life constitutes a real impact, therefore, in March 2005 the U.S. "Defense Strategy" clear the network space and land, sea, air, space defined as the equally important need to maintain a decisive advantage in the United States five space; two, from 1969 the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to consider the future needs of the war, funded the establishment of the Internet after the prototype of the ARPANET, after 40 years The United States has been the birthplace of advantage to use the Internet, control of the Internet's core technology, control of the Gate of the global Internet - the root server, an Internet overlord. However, countries such as China's own interests and security concerns based on reasonable under the control of behavior, so the Internet hegemonic ambitions suffered a disorder, which inevitably let heart is unhappy, and this is what Hillary Clinton • publicly find fault with the internal affairs of sovereign states reasons.

December 2005, "The New York Times" reported: The United States National Intelligence Service and the U.S. telecom companies to develop a program to intercept Internet communications of foreign; CBS January 11, 2006 The report also said a few years ago CIA creation of a specialized agency on the Internet using high-tech means to steal from his country intelligence, the responsible person, since the Internet has been widely used in the world, the CIA did not stop it one day monitoring, monitoring for the preservation of access to information and intelligence, The CIA established a library of three videos. Especially in the "9 • 11", the United States to fight against terrorism, the police have the right to search civil provisions of the e-mail communication, even in the case without allowing citizens to monitor communications, and "strict inventory and immigration officers, including fingerprints retained in the Details inside "and the fact has long Description: network security, the United States by his accusations against the country than to make even more seamless. Thus, the so-called freedom or human rights in the United States, and has never been subject only to serve U.S. national interests and security.

Clamor for the U.S. network of Freedom, we are afraid not only from the point of view to understand the information flow: on the one hand, in a country's political, economic, military, and many other aspects of social life dependence on the Internet more and more today, sole charge of the United States the status of the internet root servers that concern and dissatisfaction in many countries; the other hand, May 29, 2009 U.S. government network security assessment report, the report said the threat from cyberspace has become the face of serious economic and military threats. To occupy the dominant position in network warfare, May 23, 2009, the U.S. Department of Defense Command, or even create a network war, the deliberate without saying.

Network security is the fundamental of free flow of information. The potential political ambition and hegemony that Ms. Hillary Clinton showed in the speech of network freedom is the need to guard against for other countries around the world.

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Any government should not create reasons for people to hate internet freedom. Such selfish act should be condemned.