J-20, F-22 and T-50 shape contrast

J-20 fighter is the fifth generation stealth heavy fighter that China developed factory in Chengdu, with two domestic 10B turbofan engine, DSI both sides of the inlet, all moving tail, canard. The aircraft was October 14, 2010 to complete assembly, November 4, 2010 for the first taxi tests. At 12:50 on January 11, 2011, in Chengdu J-20 first flight, which lasted 18 minutes, which marks the work of our stealth fighter opened a new page.

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1. They are the Fastest Fighters in the World today too! True J-20,F-22,T-50 too! Average speeds too! (M) 2.5 + too!

Chinia 5th Geration Report is J-XXX,JX,FXX,XXJ. J-12,J-13, J-14 too! They will be in service by 2016 A.D. Or Latest on 01/01/2020 A.D. too! There Speeds is over (M)-2.3 + to Crusing too! Top Speed is over (M)-2.5 + too!