catherine middleton wedding dress are classified as top secret

Catherine Middleton wedding dress sketch many famous stylist provided

High-profile British royal family has entered the countdown to the wedding, the bride Catherine Middleton' wedding dress design has been classified as top secret becauseShe insisted the wedding dress be released until on wedding day April 29, has been classified as "top secret. " Prince William is no exception with the groom, and may even be the last person who noticed the wedding.

According to the royal family announced the trip, the wedding day 10:51 (local time), Kate, accompanied by his father, riding a royal Rolls-Royce limousine provided by staying Goering (Goring) five-star hotels at Westminster (Westminster Abbey).

Since 10:15 on the first Church of William, must wait until 11 for the first time Kate arrived to see her wedding dress. Therefore, in the television broadcast throughout the network, the global audience will first see the wedding.

St James Palace (St. James's Palace) admits that Prince William will indeed be the last person who noticed the wedding.

A royal aide said Kate insisted that Prince William wedding to give a surprise, so do not give him any opportunity to first see the wedding, "the prince I do not care who is the last to see the wedding. "

St. James's Palace spokesman said Prince William and Kate all the details on the wedding preparations, the carriage ride from the wedding day to snack on the wedding so involved throughout, and hands-on, they want to do one of their own special wedding.

After the wedding, Prince William and Kate will spend the night at Buckingham Palace, and then expand the honeymoon.

Police estimated the wedding day will pass through hundreds of thousands of people in the carriage along the path next to the onlookers. Police will launch a rigorous security check, and has rejected two applications for demonstrations, to avoid any opportunity to cause trouble.

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This will be the wedding of the century for sure!

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