China's Dongfeng 21D missile is difficult to strike U.S. aircraft carrier

United States 22 reported Bloomberg News, U.S. Navy Gary Roughead, chief of operations in China in reply to "Dongfeng -21" anti-ship missile threat to U.S. aircraft carriers are the problems that the U.S. aircraft carrier mobility makes them harder to other weapons locked. Moreover, the location of U.S. aircraft carrier will always continue to change.

Reported that the president announced last week plans to reduce debt, the U.S. Department of Defense is currently evaluating its future expenditure. In this regard, Roughead in a Bloomberg Television interview that the Pentagon conducted a comprehensive assessment (including the U.S. Navy ship procurement budget), we must take into account the country's shipbuilding industrial base, "fragile" state. He said: "The industrial base is a real strategic asset. We make a decision, it must be taken into account in this section. Now, China's industrial base vulnerability may be the same as before, especially in the shipbuilding industry."

Roughead of this statement indicates, in this evaluation process, he may put forward some objections, in order to protect the Navy's own interests.

Reported that on April 13, 2023 Obama announced plans to cut military spending 400 billion U.S. dollars accumulated. Before that, this year in January, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the plan, the 2012-2016 reduction of 78 billion U.S. dollars of military spending.

However, 21, head of the U.S. Department of Defense Ashton Carter said acquisition, said Defense Department officials to reassess the project to be checked only a small part of the content. He said that the inspection will include the tasks and role of U.S. forces, and required to complete these tasks force structure and capabilities.

U.S. Navy shipbuilding budget in the current 2011-2016 plan, require the Navy to spend 74.7 billion U.S. dollars to buy 55 ships, including 140 in fiscal year 2012 billion U.S. dollars to nearly 170 in 2015 billion.

Purchased by the Navy ships, the Littoral Combat Ship is the largest number, a total of 19. Currently, Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Aosta Corporation (ASB) is leading two teams to design and build their own version of Littoral Combat Ships. Now, the first two LCS ships have entered the Navy. The other six are in the contracting.

Roughead said: "We have developed a very streamlined shipbuilding programs, when we make decisions, we must make these decisions beneficial to the industry the direction towards the close, because the only way to give us strength. Warship is not so much ' big guy ', I would rather say it is a combination of two three-tier industry, as we boarded the ship, you will find on board with something from our entire country. "

Reported that when asked whether the president's goal of spending cuts was surprised when Roughead replied: "We are under pressure. There is no doubt that Washington has to solve the economic problems the United States, but from countries like position to consider the issue of what is also very important. "

Roughead said the defense budget in the previous evaluation, the aircraft carrier role of the often-controversial, "but I think that, given the recent actions undertaken by using the carrier, they are really concerned." For example, he said, in Afghanistan 30% of the air strikes carried out, are two aircraft carriers in the Middle East responsible.

In addition, the development speed of China's naval capabilities, faster than other countries think the fact that, Roughead was not surprised.

He said the U.S. Navy has been observed in the assessment of the ability of the Chinese Navy, and the regional intervention to prevent the possibility of the United States. Moreover, the U.S. Navy is working to develop directed energy technology in order to supplement the ballistic and cruise missile defense.

Reported that when asked about China's "Dongfeng -21" anti-ship ballistic missile threat posed by the U.S. aircraft carrier when said Roughead, the U.S. aircraft carrier mobility make them harder to describe standard. He said: "Today I tell you the exact location of the aircraft carrier, but the next day the carrier will no longer stay in the same place."

In addition, Roughead said the Chinese armed forces have been able to conventional missiles on the U.S. base in the Pacific region constitute a threat to the United States must concentrate on strengthening the base and use its ballistic missile defense system. In 2010, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission has revealed that China's missiles can attack and destroy the United States in South Korea and Japan, 5 / 6 of the Air Force base.

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