Chinese military air defense system is perfect, just 10 seconds response time

Chinese air force's air defense units will hold in March this year under a complicated deal with large-scale air exercise. In this exercise, set by the Chinese military by far, the short-range air defense missile system consisting of tight network of fire to show its growing air strength.

According to one expert from the Chinese Air Force pointed out that China has in the field of air defense missile simply imitations of the original transfer from the research stage, the third generation of reliable and advanced anti-aircraft missiles have been mass troops, while the fourth generation of air defense systems development work has been steadily under way. He said the Chinese air force is equipped with modern weapons have the ability to intercept far, nearly all the distance and the target of various heights.

Air defense exercise in the course of March, China set to integrate the military use of force, weapons systems and tactical air command system of domestic situation. It is learned from the discovery of enemy air defense radar to time issued instructions to attack only about 10 seconds.

Currently, the Chinese Air Force and Army air defense units are equipped with large modern air-defense missile system. Which, HQ-9 is the most advanced third-generation air defense missile systems, it is also the first Chinese to intercept tactical ballistic missile defense system. HQ-9 air defense missile system, the missile is equipped with 9 meters long, 0.7 m diameter bomb, weighing 1.3 tons, a maximum range of 200 km, the largest radio and 30 km. HQ-9 significantly improve the appearance of the Chinese military's air defense and missile defense capability, its not only on the long-range combat aircraft, can also block "-to-ground" missiles, low altitude cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missile flight can provide effective protection for the strategic objectives.

In addition, the Chinese air defense forces also equipped with HQ-15 (China imported S-300PMU2) long-range air defense missiles, HQ-16 (Russian participation in the "beech-M2" is based on research) medium-range air defense missile system , HQ-17 (imported from Russia, "Doyle-M1") forces air defense system tracked and used to intercept low-altitude targets PL-9 system. Meanwhile, the PLA also equipped with infrared-guided large number of FN-6 portable air defense missiles, the device can not only recognize the bait, and the ground clutter has a strong anti-interference ability. FN-6 of the total weight of only 17 kilograms, the missile length 1.5 m, maximum range of 5,500 meters, 3,800 meters high shot. All of these systems constitute a relatively comprehensive air defense network of fire.

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