U.S. media exposed: the next nuclear power plant disaster will occur in China

According to the U.S. "Washington Times" asserts that the next nuclear power plant disaster occurred in China. China earthquake zone division, but recent 9 years, there will be to build 28 reactors. One of the reactors may be in Chongqing. In 2008 there had been far away from Chongqing, a major earthquake. "Washington Times" pointed out that although Beijing suspended negotiations on a new project to reconsider the standards, but the quality is concerned, China is still lagging behind Japan. According to "Washington Times" asserts that Japan's disaster, China's nuclear program is a time bomb.

According to Agence France-Presse reported that China has emerged milk problem. Hong Kong and Macao, mainland children refuse to buy food because these foods do not meet safety standards. Therefore, strengthening the oversight bodies in China dairy inspection of food production enterprises.

The results, of which 1 / 5 or more business license may be revoked. Agence France-Presse reported that in 2008 because of China's tainted milk incident, six children died, more than 300 children become disabled. At that time, due to this incident, people generally refuse to buy Chinese dairy food. The reputation of Chinese food industry has declined significantly.

According to BBC reports, the Chinese forces have continued to strengthen, resulting in the world also will be worried about growth, the world experienced a financial crisis, economic recession followed. Developed countries, the impact was huge. The cause of the recovery in the global economy, developing countries, above all, China plays a leading role. BBC television reported that there is no doubt that China's rapid development makes many people uneasy.

Polish Defense Ministry official newspaper of an article that the Soviet Union, Central Asia has become the object of China's economic expansion. Beijing's main purpose is to get access to the possibility of raw material resources, to prevent the spread of these oil and gas producing areas of tension, Central Asia's strategic plan in Beijing, ranking a very important position. China's strategy right now is open, outward expansion. Polish newspaper to ask questions, then other countries have in turn react to it? If other countries in the region will have room for the use of force it?

With the increase in the number of nuclear states, nuclear arms race started to become an essential element. Whether the possession of nuclear weapons has become the standard test military strength, the brains behind the negotiating table of diplomacy very much an amount of chips. The frightening is that once the two sides wrestle a little careless to the nuclear crisis is likely to lead to nuclear weapons --- hanging in the human head into the sword of Damocles ... ...

1962 "Cuban missile crisis"

There is nothing this time in 1962 closer to the edge of nuclear war. Nuclear weapons development in terms of striking the year's 72 nuclear warheads and the former Soviet Union to Cuba, they claim that the nuclear warheads "from Florida to the Pacific Northwest to the American city wiped out."

Fortunately, Kennedy was selected the blockade against Cuba, press the nuclear warheads that have been erected. Through the good offices of the United Nations and the U.S. and the USSR's political game, the final withdrawal of Soviet missiles into Cuba, the United States not to attack Cuba's commitment to the end of this simmering nuclear crisis.

Nuclear crisis in 1973, the Middle East

Israel to compete in the Middle East in order to maintain military superiority, to have a nuclear weapon earlier. In 1973, Egypt, Syria and other countries from the west, north two lines at the same time launched a surprise attack on Israel. Aijun broke through Israel's claim to "indestructible," the Balie Fu defense, Syrian forces also stormed the Golan Heights, Israeli troops break through the northern line of defense, the situation is very serious for Israel.

The face of the siege of the four Arab countries, has been back to the wall Israel is ready to use nuclear bombs to blow up the Aswan Dam, flooding to become a wealthy Egyptian. Fortunately, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir ate Nixon's "assurance", withstood the pressure from all sides and firmly oppose the use of nuclear weapons and immediately signed the "all hang 24" limited express command, it would only have to press the nuclear button Hand finally shrink back, lucky to avoid a nuclear crisis.

1990 "India-Pakistan nuclear arms race"

India and Pakistan in Kashmir long geopolitical conflict. May 1990, gathered in the Kashmir region of India 20 million strong, this time Pakistan's military has to respond quickly. Just when India and Pakistan engaged in deployed forces, the United States intelligence agencies, according to spy satellite photos and intercepted telecommunications monitoring facilities had not obtained spontaneously sensational conclusion: the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan "nuclear preparations!"

U.S. National Security Council report on the situation in South Asia directly to the White House Oval Office. President Bush immediately drawn to the Indian Prime Minister and Pakistani President, the Prime Minister's letter stressed that the U.S. "an urgent need to ease tensions in South Asia", urging both sides to exercise restraint measures and must not act rashly because of the "pay a heavy price." The intervention of the United States, but also to defuse a nuclear crisis.

Surprisingly, since 1998, India and Pakistan began a new round of "tit for tat" nuclear tests, a mushroom cloud rising in the South Asian subcontinent frequently. At this point the two countries both in the development of nuclear weapons or means of delivery aspects of advanced technology to master. In the strategic plan, including Delhi, Mumbai and Karachi, including the densely populated cities have been targeted as a nuclear bomb.

In the 21st century, "India-Pakistan nuclear crisis" is still a threat to the historical legacy of peace. Experts even assert that "South Asia is the world's most likely place where a nuclear war." Fortunately, the situation took a dramatic turn in recent years India and Pakistan. Kashmir through the "peace bus" was first launched in April this year, the Prime Minister in a historic meeting between the two countries issued a joint statement on: India-Pakistan peace process "irreversible", according to the agreement between India and Pakistan also exchanged between the two sides list of nuclear facilities. So far, this lasted for ten years has finally drawn on the nuclear crisis to an end.

Japan's nuclear crisis in 2011

Fukushima, Japan, the nuclear crisis triggered by the earthquake, which generated and related effects of nuclear radiation, causing public concern.

Fukushima nuclear leakage conditions

Currently, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear leaks tend to serious, the capital of radioactive material detected in the Tokyo area radiation levels exceed the normal standard. The Government of Japan requested the United Nations atomic energy watchdog sent a team of experts to help address the nuclear crisis, the U.S. government has deployed familiar with the boiling water reactor nuclear power plant by the experts to Japan.

Fukushima nuclear crisis, a lot of people think of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear crisis, but the Fukushima nuclear crisis and the different levels of the Chernobyl nuclear crisis. In accordance with international grading the severity of nuclear accidents, the rating for the four Fukushima crisis, the Chernobyl nuclear crisis belongs to 7. Fukushima nuclear power plant leaks radioactive material, on the human body has some damage, but damage is not the harm caused by large nuclear explosions; the Chernobyl nuclear accident was the pressure inside the blast, causing more than 8 tons of material strong radiation leakage, 320 million people are nuclear contamination, is a major accident. Some experts said that the Chernobyl nuclear crisis has affected the entire Eurasian continent, the impact of China is greater than this, Fukushima nuclear crisis.

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