So many senior Chinese officials visited this small country

Minsk, Belarus, heavy military truck production line

China's relations with Belarus in developing countries reflects the complexity of China's foreign policy motives. As an emerging power, Beijing to pursue new economic diplomacy, the goal is to ensure the availability of resources and overseas markets. Meanwhile, China is still resort to revolutionary diplomacy, emphasizing national sovereignty, anti-hegemony and Third World solidarity. Of course, some people may say, China's foreign economic and political motives in hand in hand: political relations open the door for Chinese investors, and economic activities can help to achieve geo-strategic objectives.

China, Belarus to fit these objectives? Cuba is not the same as purely ideological reasons, because of the support by Beijing? Or more like Pakistan, which borders China's rival, the achievements of its important geo-strategic position, which received the support of China? I'm afraid not.

In fact, Belarus is important because it provides an opportunity to make China's general foreign policy strategy to other developing countries from extending to the European environment. This is reflected economic and political fields.

In fact, Belarus is a symbol of China's economic diplomacy tools. In monetary policy, support China in global trade of Belarus to promote the RMB the initial attempt. In addition, Belarus will help China's less developed areas, where much-needed economic internationalization, but the lack of comparative advantage. Finally, Belarus, perhaps as a useful testing ground for Chinese companies.

Meanwhile, Belarus China also has political and ideological benefits. Belarus, China several times in the UN vote, the two countries in the "core interests" mutual support on the issue has become increasingly apparent. In addition, Belarus can serve as a part of cultural diplomacy Beijing. Minsk has a Confucius Institute, which may indicate that China wants to expand in Belarus "soft power."

Belarus may soon benefit from improvements in infrastructure, technology transfer and cheaper consumer goods and industrial inputs. Very little direct investment in a foreign country, China's capital indescribably popular. Meanwhile, China's bilateral relations with Belarus, can help prevent foreign risk.

However, China's attitude to Belarus is a very clear reason. Asymmetric bilateral relations have access to Beijing to promote their own goals in Minsk. This also explains why there were so many 15 years, senior Chinese officials to visit this small country. After all, Chinese people tend to be long-term perspective of the.

Foreign media exposure: Belarus is willing to sell China the Soviet top-secret military technology

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said the country hopes China to help promote its military technology of new products.

Reported that the PLA General Armament Department, Lukashenko met with Minister Chang Wanquan, said: "Some of the former Soviet Union Belarus, top-secret military technology, China will be interested in because of Belarus in the field of military technology, there are many new products, these products are on the basis of these technologies evolved.

However, we need someone to support us to promote these products, we very much needed to help China in this regard. Belarus inherited the former Soviet Union, some military equipment and technology, some believe that friends are very interested in China, we are very willing to cooperate with Chinese friends. "He also stressed that Belarus is a sovereign state, not by outside interference.

Lukashenko said: "China has made not only in the civilian economy a high level of development, but also in the field of military technology has reached a high level." Chang Wanquan that the efforts of leaders of both countries, relations between Belarus and China to a higher level, including in military-technical cooperation.

He said: "The rapid development of bilateral military-technical cooperation, and your concerns with the Chinese help to promote cooperation in the program."

Chinese military delegation is currently MILEX-2009 Belarus to participate in military equipment exhibition, separated the former Soviet Union countries, and its level of military technology is also very high!

In addition to outside of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries have strong military industrial base and high level of defense technology (China and Uzbekistan, white and other countries have good cooperation between the military)!

Although the "Red Empire" has been the disintegration of the Soviet Union for 17 years, the maximum is still not fit the Russian successor to the former "Big Brother" on the shelf, so have been the former Soviet Union republics and Eastern European countries abandoned the brothers; today China is also a half-hearted, their use of "underhand" often do a "strategic partnership" --- China is very uncomfortable. . . . . . In this case, China should develop with Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the former Soviet countries, strategic partnerships, strengthen our bilateral economic, military, cultural exchanges and cooperation, China's national interests to achieve the maximum increase and Russia The "Brothers partner" to deal with the chips, constantly remind the Russians might give attention to their actions, the impact of Russia relations!

Here's a look at the former Soviet Union's military strength:

Former Soviet nuclear and conventional weapons, their size a lot more than the United States, in particular, about the number of nuclear weapons more than 1,000 trees, aircraft and tanks of conventional weapons is probably a little more of their troops about the former Soviet Union more than 400 million , when the United States has 3.5 million, but their quality is still a gap, the U.S. nuclear and conventional weapons to the former Soviet Union and more advanced than some.

For example, when the former Soviet Union's MiG-29 is more advanced, but still smaller than the U.S. f-16, but the terms of the former Soviet Union in space than the United States for many years advanced, his use of the Mir space station for so many years, the United States In recent years it staged a space station, but is undeniable that the United States engage in a Star Wars program, the former Soviet Union to overtake the United States even though he surpassed the United States hegemony in space, but he dragged himself and by his boast.

Soviet-made conventional weapons, NATO scared enough to be terrified, Middle East, weapons of war became a testing ground for US-Soviet Cold War, Soviet-made system has repeatedly lost to the United States, although an overwhelming number of stations? ? ? ? ?

During its existence the Soviet Union, a strong military power after World War II is the only to compete against countries and the United States, 1988, the total strength of the Soviet Red Army reached 5.13 million (excluding security and internal security forces.) The highest leadership of the Soviet armed forces is the CPSU Central Committee, the Supreme Soviet and Council of Ministers. Introduction of universal compulsory military service, the Navy 3 years, other branches of the military for 2 years.

Russians are divided into five military services:

Army Navy Air Force, Air Defense Force Strategic Rocket Forces

Soviet border guards and Interior Ministry forces and another establishment.

Warsaw Pact, the Soviet Union was a founding member, in the original GDR, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Mongolia and other countries with troops there. In Vietnam, Cuba and other countries in Asia, Africa or military advisers stationed in the military and technical personnel.

Soviet military system

The highest leadership of the Soviet armed forces is the CPSU Central Committee, the Supreme Soviet and Council of Ministers. National Defense Council is the highest decision-making body in peacetime, wartime leadership is the highest military authority. Department of Defense is that armed forces of the central leading organs, the General Staff is the main command organs, the General Political Department is the leading body of the Party in the armed forces. Introduction of universal compulsory military service, the Navy 3 years, other branches of the military for 2 years.

In 1988, the Soviet military strength is as follows, (the number of the 1988 date):

Army, the number 1.99 million, divided into 16 military regions. Compiled for the 51 tank divisions, 142 motorized infantry divisions, 7 Airborne Division, about 10 and 16 Army Air Tu Jilv artillery division, equipped main battle tanks 53000, armored combat vehicles, 63,000 , artillery 29000, ground to ground missile launchers around 1570.

Army area are:

Moscow Military District, also known as the Leningrad Military District CSKA Kiev Belarus Military Military Military Baltic Military District Volga Ural Military District outside the Caucasus Military District North Caucasus Military District Odessa Military District Turkestan Military District outside the Central Asian Military District Siberian Baikal Military District Far East Military District Military

Navy, the number is 451,000, divided into four fleets, and a district fleet. 79 submarines armed with ballistic missiles, cruise missile submarines and attack submarines, 268, 193 major surface combat ships, 797 small surface combat ships, landing craft and 187, the main auxiliary vessel 269.

4 Fleet are:

Baltic Fleet

Black Sea Fleet

Pacific Fleet

Northern Fleet

Air Force, the number is 453,000, about 10 million people in the remote air force, prepared for the five Army, equipped with 752 long-range bombers; Army Air Force of about 31.5 million into 12 military and four countries in Eastern Europe, Soviet cluster Air Force series, fighters, fighter bombers and attack aircraft 5167.

Anti-air, the number is 635,000, into 5 areas and 10 military air defense anti-air sequence. With various types of fighter-interceptor 1300, 9600 anti-aircraft missile launchers, radar about 7000, a ballistic missile launcher 100.

Strategic Rocket Forces, the number 298,000, compiled for the six rocket army, there are 300 launch control headquarters. 1,398 intercontinental missiles, strategic combat aircraft 1690. Strategic rocket forces to master the formidable Soviet nuclear arsenal, the Soviet Union's strategic forces.

Another 25 million Soviet border guards, the Interior Ministry forces 350,000.

The Soviet Union was a founding member Warsaw Pact, in 1988, Soviet troops stationed in the former GDR about 38 million people, about 40,000 of Poland, Czechoslovakia 80,000, Hungary 65,000. In 1987 the Soviet Union also have troops in Afghanistan, 118,000 in Mongolia, there are 65,000. In Vietnam, Cuba and other countries in Asia, Africa or military advisers stationed in the military and technical personnel.

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