The mysterious combination of Chinese air defense systems could enable U.S. and European aircraft become scrap metal

Chinese military: In the fierce air strikes on Libya, the United States, Europe once again shows the power of the aircraft, enough to cast doubt that China's air defense systems could not withstand the US-EU air strikes. This concern can be said to be redundant, even if for no other reason, only the aircraft and air defense missile confrontation between the U.S. and Europe account for less than the same aircraft the upper hand.

Hong Kong media in China was introduced by the author's air defense missiles and small-caliber anti-aircraft air defense system consisting, in addition, there is a combination of being ignored. In my opinion, to PL-9-to-air type, SD-10-to-air type + photoelectric detection system is a combination of one fighter against the U.S. and Europe move in mind the cold!

Support to Vietnam during the period compared to U.S. and European aircraft technological progress is mainly embodied in three aspects:

First, the precision strike capability greatly enhance

Improve the precision strike capability, fighter aircraft do not have to dive to the low altitude to bomb, bomb height of five to six km or more, also sent a large fleet of attack without a goal, which prevents U.S. aircraft in Vietnam over the tragedy from happening again.

Second, the ability to greatly enhance the electronic warfare

Because of electronic interference, the average emission in Vietnam 60 - 70 枚 Sam -2 missiles to shoot down a U.S. aircraft; Now, the United States and Europe more powerful electronic warfare capability, the U.S. aircraft shot down by surface to air missiles have become almost a kinds of luxury!

Third, the universal application of anti-radiation missile

In Vietnam, anti-radiation missiles only with anti-radar, specially the "wild weasel"; now, anti-radiation missile into a common US-EU aircraft equipment. U.S. plane in the last two decades of war, the use of anti-radiation missiles reached "rather victimizes a thousand, we can not let go of a" degree, they signal to all suspicious fire, or even destroyed during the war in Iraq "Patriot," the guidance radar. This led to the radar air defenses every turn are at great risk.

PL-9-to-air type, SD-10-air-type + a combination of optical detection system, just to offset the advantage of American and European aircraft.

PL-9, SD-10 are air to air missiles, surface to air missiles can also be converted into the U.S. "Sparrow", AIM-120, France's "Mika", are successful examples. Active field in particular the U.S. air defense missiles are developed by the AAM.

PL-9D effective range of 8,000 meters, the effective radiation height of 4,500 meters, to meet the short-range low-altitude air defense needs; SD-10-air-type converted into slant range, after shooting an estimated 20 km, after the installation of a range of boost phase, High radiation can also increase. PL-9 is the infrared guidance, SD-10 is active radar-guided, with a "launch-and-forget" feature of this semi-active radar guidance than there is a great advantage, especially in the face of anti-radiation missile threat is more obvious advantages.

Search, view aiming system, the use of optical detection systems. General set of infrared photoelectric detectors, laser, television, as one of three technologies, detection distance of 50 - 100 km, Su -27 OEPS-27 on the photoelectric detector is the earlier, and now, photoelectric detector has become the most advanced fighter aircraft standard equipment. Total weight of such equipment does not exceed 100 kilograms, can be installed in fighter aircraft, supposedly can be configured on the ground, and, it is possible to do bigger and stronger.

PL-9D, SD-10-air-type + a combination of optical detection systems, combat models should be like this:

First by long range early warning radar and air observation posts on incoming targets to provide the approximate location; then the photoelectric detector to search, finding the target after the laser measurement parameter; PL-9D, SD-10-to-air type of emission according to the parameters provided; launch early stage could be considered laser beam riding guidance; the last paragraph of the first self-guided by the missile guidance.

This operational mode, almost no emission of electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation is not dependent on the whole, the aircraft may be in the midst of silence, first felt the laser (or not feel), and then the missile is approaching. It was like a missile with technical means to achieve "near fast methods", which greatly weakened the U.S. and European aircraft electronic warfare advantage.

Such a system in the face of U.S. and European fighters, compared to China's Red Flag series, the Russian S-Series is more reliable, at least a necessary choice; especially for small countries, the current is almost the only means to see. Air defense of small countries, the first presumption is that all the failures of radar, the next to consider other issues, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya could there be so. Therefore, as long as the regret missing the old card, and other people had better pay attention to this problem.

Historically, China trounced the United States artillery units have air Snitch, That contest is essentially over optical detection of electromagnetic interference, but was the employing of the eye and brain, now use the optical apparatus and computers. Now, because peace is too long, and inevitably a bit tired, I think, as long as the needs of war, to its feet again is not difficult. In the future, the power of optical instruments will become increasingly large, may not need PL-9D, SD-10 such missiles, destroying their ability to have a hard - SG flash, U.S. and European aircraft become a "chicken" right now!

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