Robert Gates joked to "invade " Libya was exposed

Recently, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates surprise visit to Afghanistan, when meeting with commander in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus, Gates joked to say "military invading Libya", this conversation was recorded television microphone accident .

Russia's new network reported on March 8, 7 Gates visited Afghanistan for the "mistaken bombing" of local civilians to apologize. Gen. David Petraeus, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gates met at the airport with a joke: "I see you more than usual this aircraft is preparing to attack Libya or something like it?" Gates joked tone to answer the same : "was right."

Reported that U.S. Defense Secretary and other officials repeatedly said that Americans do not intend to invade Libya, although it received the support of allies. 7-day news conference, Gates once again stressed that any military action the United States must support the international community.

Meanwhile, Obama is not a "joke" and that he did not rule out military intervention to take action against Gaddafi. He said: "I want those who support Colonel Qaddafi, who understand that they choose to go further, but they must take responsibility for any violence." Libyan Foreign Minister replied that Obama's remarks on this "childish" He said: "We think he is a dictator, put his hand to other people, especially the stretch he was out of Third World people. Unfortunately, he spoke like a child, who said support for Qadhafi to Who should be punished. "

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