Libyan rebels give Gaddafi ultimatum

Libya's top military people arrived in Cairo on 9 May, the Supreme Council of the Egyptian armed forces will submit a letter to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. According to Egyptian Foreign Ministry sources, the Israeli army Fang Houqin supply head Major-General Abdul Rahman Xavier senior military officers, led by the Libyan people will line the same day or 10 days and met the Egyptian Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

9 Gaddafi told a media interview that Turkey, if the "base" organization occupied Libya, then the entire region will be plunged into chaos, including Israel. Earlier, Libyan state television has broadcast his 8th of the tribal youth in Tanzania speech like video, in which he accused the eastern part of the establishment of the "National Committee", and stressed that Western countries are creating a conspiracy against Libya, benefits to the territory by supporting and arming the opposition, to seize the strategic oil resources, the purpose of profit. 8 He also initiated the phone with Greek Prime Minister, warned the West not to intervene Libyan affairs, to avoid "a North African, Mediterranean and European security serious dire consequences."

Libya set up by the opposition "National Committee" to Gaddafi 8 also issued an ultimatum to step down in 72 hours or face trial.

At the same time, European and American countries are stepping up negotiations on the establishment of no-fly zone. Barack Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron 8, discussed the Libyan situation in the phone, the two sides that the common goal is to immediately stop the violence and to "a representative government" transition. The two sides said, will continue to study include "monitoring, humanitarian assistance, implementation of the arms embargo and no-fly zones," including responses. On the same day, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said, in Libya to establish no-fly zones and other aspects should be agreed by the United Nations. Amos is the U.S. Marine Corps commandant, said at a congressional hearing, if the international community to establish no-fly zone in the interest of Libya's helicopter forces will pose the greatest threat.

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