Gaddafi's political career: he has been embraced since the expulsion of the Italian

Hero of the "gilded" wash out by the light of social corruption

Gaddafi, realistic idealist

To make his son into the national leadership of the People's Assembly, he was playing around "Rape opinion."

"Gaddafi, we love you! We go with you!" "To our great leader, my dear comrade salute Gaddafi!" ... ... The slogan is still mottled stay in the Libyan capital Tripoli on the walls of the streets.

Violence against Libya in the international media coverage of the bloody repression, Gaddafi has long been referred to the butcher as everyone had "national hero" and "gilded" has long been political corruption in the country, various social problems wash away lost under the light ... ...

Muammar Gaddafi is an illiterate Bedouin herders son in the family, in the turbulent postwar wave of colonial independence, he will conform to the Libyan people, while Idris I (the first post-independence Libya Head of State) in Turkey to the hospital, without firing a shot to launch the coup.

Only 27 years old, he "was promoted" for the Colonel (the highest rank of the Libyan armed forces), as commander in chief of the armed forces, he also announced that the country's real rulers. After taking office, he has begun to clear the entrenched Italian colonists in Libya for many years, large fast people.

Gaddafi idealistic belief in the "Pan-Arabism", trying to establish the unified "Arab empire", was his pursuit of the ideal, so that denial of "capitalism" also rejected the "communism" and "social doctrine. " He from the "Islam" out of "the world's third theory of" new road.

In the ousted monarchy, he named the country as the "Libyan Arab Republic", pinning his hopes on hand in conjunction with other Arab countries. He then entered into an alliance with Egypt and Syria, the treaty, but the alliance has gradually deteriorated. At this point, he is committed to safeguarding national independence and sovereignty, and run social welfare and improving people's living standards.

East-West confrontation during the Cold War reality of foreign aggression, "Arab League" fragile, Gaddafi set his sights on the reality of the former Soviet Union. Idealized in his mind, a socialist and Islamic religious marriage and began to germinate.

In 1973, Gaddafi launched the "Cultural Revolution", announced a freeze on the implementation of all existing laws. Arab nationalism in the softened some of the concepts and the welfare state, he invented the "Islamic socialism", the state system as the foundation of Islamic morality, ban gambling and alcohol. He then works "Emerald" (the Green Paper "Declaration of the People's Power") to illustrate the concept of nation-building for national learning.

The former Soviet Union-style "people's" concept began to emerge. In the "Emerald Book", he declared a state of "the people" to power directly to the people the times and change the national name "Socialist People's State."

He canceled all levels of government, replacing all levels of the "People's Assembly" and the "people's committees" have been established throughout the country at the same time revolutionary committees at all levels of organization. However, there is no legal provision in the "process legitimacy," the premise of "the people" is hollow, "People's Assembly" has become Gaddafi's "rubber stamp." It is reported that, in order to make his son into the national leadership, Qaddafi has bypassed the People's Assembly, playing "Rape opinion."

The beginning of the founding of the state power began to deviate from the general public, the legitimacy of the regime have become a question mark. For this reason, Gaddafi at slaughter, Libya was to eliminate the opposition, the aggressive pursuit of overseas assassination, but Qaddafi himself had narrowly escaped several assassination.

Libya has closed the Western-oriented, facing the door to free market economy, but also Libya to the ideological simplification of political pressure continue to Victoria. Meanwhile, Gaddafi will also be part of the division of oil out of the economic benefits to improve people's livelihood, Libya remained relatively stable.

90s of last century, due to "Lockerbie," a comprehensive United Nations sanctions against Libya be highly dependent on oil exports have been a fatal blow to the national economy, the weakening of national welfare, making the political crisis again. Gaddafi once again bow to the reality, so he rapidly to the new century, "Prodigal Son", to improve diplomatic relations with Western countries, while wide open door, followed by a large number of multinational oil firms have flocked Rubiliya Africa's largest oil countries of the development.

Since 2003, Qadhafi began to implement economic reforms. The birth of the stock market, privatization of some state-owned enterprises and restructuring of banks, foreign bank entry, import and export rights open, Libya single economy began to diversify

In the decades of oppressive rule, Libya in charge of a single function of all state institutions, in a wide range has been unable to meet the diverse needs of ordinary people. Libya, China is now riddled with corruption, economic reform has become the elite of the feast, social justice and justice has long been abandoned.

Gaddafi, the former "hero" seems to have become the modern state of Libya turned the biggest "stone."

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