Japan considers giving up the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima

METI Nuclear Safety Security Institute, 29, said the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima detected within the region of radioactive plutonium in soil, and the test results indicate Fukushima further escalation of the nuclear leakage.

No concentration of radiation

Very difficult to deal with

Previously, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima soil and the nearby region has been detected in sea water radioactive iodine and cesium, but the detection of plutonium is the first time. Japanese officials have said the statement, detected radioactive plutonium in soil showed that the "seriousness of the accident."

According to report, plutonium is reactor fuel absorbs neutrons resulting from uranium, and highly toxic. Plutonium hidden in the human body such as lung and bone tissues, destroy cell gene, increased cancer risk.

The detection of the plutonium isotope Pu -238 3, plutonium -239 and plutonium -240, soil samples were collected a week ago, as the most important isotope of plutonium, plutonium -239 half-life of up to 2.41 million years, so treatment more difficult.

Plutonium generated at high temperatures, and very heavy, not easily flying, so the soil is likely to detect plutonium and Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant to the first unit 4 consecutive hydrogen explosion and fire occurred on. But it is unclear which of these units from plutonium, as well as leakage through what channels.

Plutonium leak "consequences" refractory

Experts predict the leak has

Experts point out that this leak of plutonium, whether how much trouble dealing with it are, and at its early leak fuel rods should be removed promptly, and if the final choice of the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima reactor closure of several damaged reactor treatment, but not take away the fuel containing plutonium, plutonium would still be polluted groundwater. This is why the official said plutonium spill "serious" reasons.

In fact, plutonium is an inevitable process of nuclear fuel produced in the reaction of substances, accidents, nuclear power plant near the radioactive iodine has been detected previously, indicating the fuel rods shell breakage, which means that the leak of radioactive substances must contain plutonium. In addition, compared to plutonium and iodine poor mobility, a volatile iodine, easy integration with air, plutonium is first into the water, and then into the soil, therefore, some experts pointed out that the leak is not surprising for plutonium, nuclear power plant area soil in Japan But plutonium detected in a matter of time.

Abandoned nuclear power plant accident face

East Power may be nationalized

Fukushima face for a long time did not improve the situation of nuclear leak, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan at 29, the Senate Budget Committee, said Fukushima nuclear power plant is likely to be scrapped first.

Social Democratic Party in the back raised off Fukushima Mizuho Fukushima, the first nuclear power plant requirements, Naoto Kan said: "To a certain degree of stability such as access to state and listen to expert opinion before making a decision, but a high possibility."

In addition to closing nuclear power plants, Japanese media have speculated that the Japanese government may nationalize Tokyo Electric Power Company. President of the Democratic Party of Japan stressed leaves Koichiro Hyun, said yesterday: "For the Tokyo Electric Power Company in the future will be how it works, all possible situations will be discussed. Now that the national policy to promote the development and use of nuclear energy, then the state must take this responsibility. "His statement hinted that the Japanese government for the nuclear accident may be the liability of pay.

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