Chavez said he will be the next target of U.S. imperialism

China military: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on March 28 speech on national television that the U.S. imperialism and its allies to overthrow Gaddafi regime, he will be the next "military target. "

 Russia's new network reported, Chavez said: "All of us now note that imperialism has been abandoned off the mask of moral excuse for the international coalition bombing of Libyan cities, killing civilians there. They tried to Chavez and kaza Attributed to the persecution of the people of Philippines dictator. "He said: "The list of countries not appropriate there are other Latin American leaders, ""but I bear the brunt. "

The Venezuelan leader said that when the international community "calmly observes the war in Libya, " but actually brews "the military plan of eradicating Venezuela and other Latin American countries. " Chavez said that they must unite the Bolivarian American Union, on the basis of democracy and peace continue to advance the Bolivarian socialism.

 Bolivar American Union is Cuba's leader Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez in 2004 with the aim of resistance to US-proposed Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas program.

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