Dead bodies in Japan more than 4,000 people

According to Japan’s TBS television reported, the earthquake and tsunami  caused dead bodies in Japan toll has more than 4,000 people, because there have been new body was found, the death toll will exceed 1 million.

Miyagi Prefecture, according to police statistics, as of noon today, in addition to 785 bodies have been identified, the land in the south of the town and mountains Motomachi also found about 1,000 bodies. In addition, the Iwate Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture were also identified 574 and 420 deaths.

The latest National Police Agency, as when the evening of March 14, 1800 in the identified victims, only about 500 confirmed the identity, of which 151 were claimed back by relatives. Most of the dead relatives of the whereabouts are also unknown, the current rate of less than 3 percent of Identification. japan tsunami video,japan tsunami map

Dead bodies in Japan,japan tsunami map,japan earthquake tsunami.jpg

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Dead bodies in Japan,japan tsunami footage,japan typhoon.jpg

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