The U.S. aircraft carrier across the radioactive plume to Japan, all the soldiers exposed to nuclear radiation

U.S. government officials March 13 that the United States, "Ronald Reagan" aircraft carrier to Japan to participate in rescue recently, through the radioactive cloud released from the reactor, resulting in the crew "was exposed to" being the radiation. U.S. soldiers in less than an hour is the amount of radiation, equivalent to the sum of one month normal levels.

The official said the Pentagon is expected to soon announce the news. In addition, several American officials said the United States participate in the rescue helicopter at a distance of 60 miles north of damaged nuclear reactor (about 96.6 km) at the mission, the fuselage was particulate radioactive material "covered" and had to be " cleaning. "

Reported that it is not clear whether U.S. military personnel due to radiation effects have been pathogenic. Prevailing winds waters near Japan to promote the spread of radioactive material, but some officials said that unless the Japanese nuclear power plant reactor core melt completely damaged, or migrating to the United States enough radioactive material to harm the human body.

13, senior U.S. government officials have been disclosed, the Japanese soon after the reactor exploded, Washington has developed a "scenario of the plan" to deal with the worst possible outcome. The official said that since some experts said the radioactive material would drift to the U.S. west coast, the United States, the purpose of the program "more is to help the United States itself, rather than help Japan."

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