17 U.S. Navy Crew Exposed to Radiation in Japan and suspend the rescue

The U.S. Seventh Fleet 14 announced that,Monday it had moved its ships and aircraft away from a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear power plant after discovering low-level radioactive contamination that led to 17 military personnel being treated for exposure. 

Japan's defense ministry said a U.S. helicopter to rescue the original 13, the former Miss Takada City, Iwate Prefecture's residents, but this action has been suspended.

Seventh Fleet spokesman said the helicopter from the three a total of 17 crew members who measured the radiation are "micro", should be the Fukushima nuclear power plant leaks radioactive material first. But even if most of the crew by the radiation, the amount of radiation tolerance of less than one month the amount of ordinary people. Japan tsunami video, Japan tsunami 2011

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17 U.S. Navy Members Exposed to Radiation in Japan

According to foreign media reports, the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan went to Japan to participate in the rescue today, just across from the Japanese nuclear power plants emit radiation damage to the cloud, all members of the ship being about an hour of nuclear radiation. Japan tsunami map

Reported that the prevailing winds waters near Japan to promote the spread of radioactive material, but some officials said that unless the Japanese nuclear power plant reactor core melt completely damaged, or migrating to the United States enough radioactive material to harm the human body.

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