Chinese Navy Major-General said J-20 stealth fighter can be used to seize control of the air

China R & D J -20 stealth fighter for protecting our own airspace

CPPCC National Committee members from the People's Liberation Army 3 said that China is confident stealth fighter J -20, J -20 R & D in order to protect China's territorial airspace.

Eleventh CPPCC National Committee in the day before the opening of the Fourth Session of the CPPCC National Committee members, Zhu Heping, vice president of the Air Force Command, told Xinhua: "I am of our stealth fighter F -20 quite confident."

Chinese fifth generation fighter J-20

On January 11, Chinese fifth generation fighter J -20 made the first flight

This year in January, China test stealth fighter J -20. At that time in China visiting U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the U.S. stealth fighter J -20 and a gap, so do not worry.

CPPCC member, said Rear Admiral Yin Zhuo, J -20 can be used to seize air superiority stealth fighter, specifically, that is, when people violate our airspace, we can use it to defense.

When talking about the mission of -20 F, Yin Zhuo said that a country would deploy stealth fighters outside their own territory, it is an offensive, deterrent deployments. J -20 our future will only be deployed in their territory, protect China's territorial airspace. "Who is attacking and who is the defense, at a glance."

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