China really fast increasing popularity in the Middle East!

In mid-February, I went to the Middle East. Mainly in Israel as a base to go to Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Burroughs, but the other countries. Unfortunately, Tunisia, Bahrain, Libya, its domestic situation is in the bottom-up phase of the national revolution, did not go in, at most near. I did not experience the Middle East democratic revolution "real mess" and had to look on from the periphery to the experience. Eastbound I should say is unsuccessful.

Israel, for Judaism, Christianity, Islam's holy battle, the conflict between different ethnic groups continued, but after all, are relatively mature democratic country, there are not so insecure. I also encountered unsafe, but it is not from the Arab revolution, but because Israel and the Palestinians, between Jews and Arabs ethnic and religious conflicts caused.

One evening under the big rain, I entered the Arabs living in Jerusalem, "Palestinian but the autonomous region" of Hebron (Hebron). The city is regularly take place between the two nations where terrorist incidents. This time I went, heard a number of guns, the time is night. The middle of a city representative of the mosque, but was occupied by the Israeli army, surrounded by Jewish soldiers, patrolling the gun. Arabs can not go in, engage in any religious activities. However, a Palestinian young man off the mosque 100 meters away from the place said to me, "where the original is the place, and later by their illegal occupation. We live so nervous every day, often in contradiction with them, but We do not have high gun, only with artillery shells exploded himself. "

Country of residence, whether Jewish or Arab country of residence, I have never felt as a Japanese face so much. I met anyone, the residents said to me the first "China?", I said "No, I am Japanese". China's influence in the region and increase the visibility really fast, but the image of Chinese people do not so good, reason is global, with the other in Africa, Asia, Latin America and other places, I do not say, after all, other people's things.

In contrast, the image of the Japanese exceptionally good, so good I can not imagine, or even embarrassed. For example, any city in Israel, the Government must guard against terrorist incidents, into a building, security particularly rigorous. But the police know that I was Japanese, they have changed his face, let us go, without any check to get into. In the next, all the Chinese tourists all thoroughly checked baggage.

To the Palestinians, local residents told me very warm and gentle. I do not have to stay one night, one family has eight taxi drivers who are pleased to take me home and asked me to eat, sleep, but also provide toothbrushes, towels and other daily necessities. We talked all night all these years is how the Palestinians came to be, very impressive. I am studying at Peking University in 2003, the first roommate was the Palestinians, it is missed.

In fact, whether Chinese or Japanese, in the Middle East are "guests", are not and can not "aggression" here. Japan of course to maintain the relationship between the Middle East "polite" level, China is not like Britain, like France and the United States and there is close contact. No matter what happens the Middle East, who became president, China will readily be recognized. Japan will follow later, generally afraid of offending the president's enemies.

United States and Europe are not, they are only pro-American dictator, the democratic parties and potential anti-American extremists between the watch and wait, only willing to help things along, not daring to use his influence to actively intervene. Thus, both Japan and China in the Middle East without the burden of the oil-importing countries, despite the poor relations between period, but there are common interests in the Middle East. Arab countries in crisis in this period, Japan and China can work together to observe, think, act, forming the "East Asian perspective" or even "the East Asian group."
Middle East and how to achieve true stability? This is the East Asia should be concerned about. I have seen demonstrations in the Middle East, but more important is to see the local way of life. Including Jews, including the "Middle Easterners" flies in the chaos in the relatively laid-back, the old can be seen everywhere in the streets of many men drink tea and chat together, it seems that there is no need to consider the issue to go to work.

I'm from Israel to the largest commercial city of Tel Aviv near the Lebanese border town of Nahariya (Israel and Lebanon is not normal diplomatic relations), came back that hit the Sabbath, the train is not it! Israel has some of the most conservative people, they come with a black hat, all engaged in various religious activities and protests, protesting the state of Israel itself is actually the grounds that the Messiah has not come, should not be the first to establish the State of Israel! This is where the most modern countries, not to mention the so-called conservative country, and as a guest is difficult to understand how conservative they are in the end. In the Middle East, religion and tradition is the first one, because the followers of Islam and Judaism are all developed a strict code of ethics to law and is rooted in religion, so their different social and Japan, a change is necessary to chaos.

Religion is certainly well-intentioned, but over the stick to the tradition will cause many problems. Women can not go to work according to the traditional, leading to a high fertility rate; man loyal only to their own according to the traditional home and family, resulting in lack of state authority, feudal separatism can not be resolved. According to secondary school textbooks - the vast majority of textbooks in Japan is prepared Marxist, "controversial" and that only one thousandth of the market - to say, this social hindered the development of productive forces, the need for asset class revolution.

However, most countries in the Middle East has been the bourgeois revolution did not happen, because the wealthy oil-producing countries can always bribe people to retain the feudal system, poorer countries in the last century, the sixties and seventies took part in the Soviet bloc, in advance achieve socialism. Now, socialism has long been out of the question, but the "iron rice bowl" is retained. Most Arab states have used state financial subsidies for food, no one from hunger and rebellion. The Egyptian revolution also failed to smooth hair and food subsidies go on. This is the view of the Middle East, East Asia community.

However, after the tradition of the Middle East continue to be no longer. Egypt's population has reached eight million, and more young people, the future population will definitely increase. Now Egypt is already the world's first food-importing countries, the largest source of tourism and the economy no, how to feed so many people? Religion to eat, eat traditional, or eat democracy? These are the pursuit of citizens, but not sufficient. Only since the development of capitalism, and achieve the country's industrialization, the establishment of hard-working and enterprising culture, so that social modernization together to achieve real long-term, sound and stable. Only these are not stable oil-producing Middle Eastern countries, the oil-producing countries to secure existence, continue to sell oil. Therefore, Japan and China should resolutely support and social change in the Middle East, the output values and their own system of capitalism in the Middle East.

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