Friction over the Diaoyu Islands with Sino-Japanese, experts said the two sides will not budge

A message of Chinese military aircraft approached the Senkaku Islands (That is Chinese Diaoyu Islands), Japan fighters intercepted urgently made so much tension in the Japanese media. Tracking a number of media have reported that lack the title of "Chinese military", "scrambled" and other provocative words. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Ueno day branch also said that China's "expansion of military activities" as "disturbing." Department of the Air Force Command College of Chinese director Wang Ming-chi Colonel strategy 3 to accept the "Global Times" reporter that the implementation of China's exclusive economic zone in its own reasonable and legitimate mission. Song Xiaojun Chinese military expert believes that this incident shows that even in a political gesture — the next day to restore the relationship between the two sides in the issue of sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands are also not budge. In his view, treatment of the Diaoyu Islands issue, China-Japan negotiations should be based, rather than confrontation.

Chinese Y-8 alert aircraft

Chinese Y-8 alert aircraft photographed by Japan Air Self Defense Force

According to Japan's "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported, 2 at noon, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force radar detected two Chinese military aircraft in the flight direction of the East China Sea and the southwest islands. Japan Air Self-Defense Force base from Naha F-15 fighters scrambled to intercept, so the two Chinese military aircraft flew west. The report quoted information from the defense ministry said that two Chinese military reconnaissance plane, one is intelligence gathering machine. "This is actually two military aircraft to fly from the airspace around the Senkaku islands, a distance of about 50 kilometers." The report also said that since April 2010 to 12 months, the Japanese Air Self Defense Force launched a total of 48 times against Chinese planes scrambled .

Japan's Kyodo news agency quoted Japan's Ministry of Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the news release, the Chinese navy transport -8 -8 AWACS surveillance aircraft and transport at noon on the 2nd over the south from the East China Sea, across Japan and the "middle line" and close to the Senkaku Islands, and then change the direction of flight and flew west. Japan Air Self Defense Force Southwest Airlines mixed groups in order to prevent them from violating the airspace of the F-15 fighter jets scrambled. Defense province that "although the Chinese plane did not violate Japanese airspace final, but the Chinese military is so close to the Senkaku Islands is the first time."

In response to this incident, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Ueno branch in the 3 am press conference that "China's military modernization and expansion activities, coupled with the lack of transparency, these are cause for concern. Will continue to monitor (China) Trends." However, wild branches would not protest to the Chinese, "Chinese aircraft flying in our airspace outside the range, there is no breach of international law and threaten the safety of behavior."

Japanese Web site on Yahoo, some Japanese users emotional. Some people wrote fighters scrambled Okinawa alone is not enough, should be deployed anti-aircraft missiles in the Senkaku islands. There the right-wing clamor, the pilot shot down if the judge China according to their own military as saying, "All the Japanese people support you." It was also encouraging, said: "If (China ships) violated Japanese territorial waters, and immediately sank; if (Chinese aircraft) violated Japanese airspace, but also immediately shot down."

In fact, in recent years about China's aircraft, ships "invasion" of Japan "territorial airspace," the report is very much in Japan. "Japanese Economic News" on 3 reviews the disputed areas in recent years in Japan and China appear confrontation. Reported that in 2004, Chinese nuclear submarine into Japanese territorial waters. In 2008 the total of six Chinese marine survey vessels and nuclear submarines come and go in the vicinity of Miyako Island. In 2009, a total of five destroyers visited China Sea near Okinawa. 2010, a total of 16 Chinese warships sailing in the waters of Miyako Island, Okinawa. The report also stressed that, in April 2010, China close to the Japanese Self-Defense Force helicopter escort, "nearly led to the accident," these are "between Japan and the fire" and called on the Japanese government pay close attention to analysis of China's intentions.

A Japanese senior media persons on the 3rd of the "Global Times" reporter said that the Japanese public opinion was so nervous, mainly because it is so close to Chinese military aircraft for the first time the Senkaku Islands. "Prior to the main Chinese warships in Japanese waters frequently do not feel we understand, this becomes a plane." The source that the Japanese government has been worried about China's pre-emptive strike on the disputed territory, such as the first out fishing boats, dispatch troops to the disputed territories placed under the control of China's reality. Japan's Ministry of Defense announced the positive power of intelligence is to prevent China would like to take public opinion to do so, raise the national alert.

Wang Ming-chi that similar situations in other parts of the world tend to occur in the air defense identification zone have cross-regional, or territorial airspace of the two sides in contact with that region, one country by the other side of the aircraft into one's own air defense identification zone, to monitor and intercept . Japan to monitor the interception if the actions delineated in the region with its so-called "air defense identification zone" to some extent. But the Japanese were totally unjustified, because the Chinese military or civilian aircraft in its exclusive economic zone of reasonable and legitimate mandate, no doubt.

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