U.S. Air Force began to develop the specific tactics of undermining China J-20

U.S. air force new generation bomber has annihilates – 20 lock to attack the target. According to the diplomats "website on February 22, disclosure, the air force plans to use 5 years costing 37 billion dollars to develop a new stealth bomber, remote manned used to break the FangKongWang. China Allegedly, to the middle of the 1920s, the U.S. air force will be equipped with 100 frame such new-style bombers, in order to maintain the Pacific to the balance of power. The U.S. military truth, r&d new-style bombers have against Chinese annihilates – 20 intentions.

U.S. new generation of bomber

The U.S. Pacific command air force commander Gary debbi think recently said that the United States air force Guam has to B – 52 and B – 2 bombers troops rotation. Along with the new bombers duty time approaching quickly, the U.S. air force will be in the base of building adopts armor or underground build model of the new "hard" hangar to resist China ballistic missile. For new bombers role, thought Enoch, says one of the task is to war with China "in the future", and the new bombers can prepare in flashpoint for conflict against China at the beginning of the airport, prevent annihilates – 20 stealth fighters from mainland air force base for take-off.

Another according to the attachment magazine web site on February 22, reports, this new bombers are more likely to be named B – 3 bombers, the machine can carry bunker bombs, rocket-powered ammunition, have self defense capability of high energy laser weapon, and equipped with data chain to control the invisible uavs. Reports say, bombers on laser weapon can blow high-speed incoming missiles and aircraft, Uavs can before a reconnaissance and to be able to cripple an opponent radar system, then by FangKongWang bomber with through bunker bomb killing enemy facilities.

Visible, the U.S. air force has began to establish "countered" annihilates – 20 concrete tactics.

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