Recently, the reports that China will build aircraft carrier once again seen in the foreign media. Its content is nothing more than speculation that China will build aircraft carrier when in the end, or China will build aircraft carriers such as the impact of other countries, but still in between the lines expressed a "concern." From the foreign media reports on China-made aircraft carrier in China to build aircraft carriers increasingly focus on themselves, rather than rendering the so-called "China military threat" from this point of view, the foreign media over the years about the "China-made aircraft carrier is the military threat," the speculation, so far has little market, then the same old stuff, no one has been ignored.

Chinese Varyag aircarft carrier pictures spread in network

Chinese Varyag aircarft carrier pictures spread in network

Foreign media speculation: strange

U.S. media: the most positive reports in this regard, that the PLA's F -15 aircraft carrier back in 2009 had been completely ready, and that the PLA will draw on the British aircraft carrier technology.

Japanese media: on the one hand claim that the US-Japan joint exercises is for the aircraft carrier against China, but also claimed that they have developed a "special restraint Chinese aircraft carrier" of the anti-ship missiles.

South Korean media: At the recent United States, "Ronald Reagan" aircraft carrier to move into the Asia-Pacific, the vivid descriptions paint a "People's Liberation Army to attack U.S. aircraft carrier" effect map. In South Korea, "Central Daily News" of the attack graph drawing, the People's Liberation Army first with unmanned reconnaissance aircraft to determine the position of the United States, followed by ground-to-ship missiles, destroyers, submarines, fighter jets and other aircraft carrier battle groups to the United States from the air and sea attack, to sunk. The report also specifically noted that the recent exhibition of Chinese C-602, C-705 and C-802A three kinds of missile launches if the same time, the U.S. aircraft carrier will disrupt the defense network, as long as the missile hit, to be a fatal blow to the U.S. aircraft carrier .

Indian media: analysis of a rainy day from the "weakness of the Chinese aircraft carrier advance in the Indian Ocean."

Canadian media: that China has hired experts to help Ukraine build aircraft carriers.


China is taking steady and strong road to build aircraft carrier

Chinese navy's "aircraft carrier of the Dream" has a long history. Early in the war, the Navy commander of the Shao-Kuan Chen was once envisioned to build 20 aircraft carriers, which makes everyone stunned. Today, China's navy has more than 20 million men, more than 500 ships surface ships, but to military enthusiasts sigh, in terms of large vessels does not always "satisfied." Among these, the aircraft carrier's expectations, especially prominent.

Today, the carrier has already become a world power "card." Not only cluster around the United States dispatched the aircraft carrier, the British used in the Falklands war, the aircraft carrier battle groups, and even India devoting himself to building his own aircraft carrier. In this case, if it is not dignified the Chinese navy's aircraft carrier full of ship-borne aircraft, how to defend territorial waters?

China's aircraft carrier the call, there is still a real national defense. Vast area of territorial waters, to defend their territorial waters, you need to put troops in the Spratly Islands and other places. However, the most distant from the Nansha's military airport south of the 1,500 km, while the Air Force's main fighter I J -8, its effective combat radius of only 800 km. Formation composed of a carrier if, for the combat aircraft to provide mobile relay station, the army might be put to the Spratly Islands will greatly increase the overall strength. Therefore, since the reform and opening up, Chinese folk on "making aircraft carrier" of the rumors almost every year. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, China has purchased a retired former Soviet aircraft carrier Minsk, Kiev for tourist to visit. Later, the former Soviet Union aircraft carrier has not yet been completed purchase and renovation, to become a "model entity ship." Model of Hong Kong's 2007 arms show, there is a replica of "China's aircraft carrier" model debut.

Last March, as deputy political commissar of the Chinese Navy as Wu Hua Yang said, China has built aircraft carrier with independent financial and technical capabilities. As in the end made no made, when made, have under specific conditions and needs. Build an aircraft carrier costly, such as the U.S. military a large aircraft carrier, the construction cost of about 40 billion U.S. dollars, and annual maintenance fees amounted to more than one billion U.S. dollars.

In short, if determined to build aircraft carriers, we need to build a truly effective fighting overseas fleet, not just piece together a few ships, several aircraft frill. In a move, the Chinese military has acted with caution, sound. In fact, even if China really built his own aircraft carrier, the carrier battle group can not get to go and who recklessly. Challenges facing global hegemony, defending the homeland mainly relying on shore-based missiles and submarines.


West should mind

Chinese aircraft carrier to accept

As in "World War II" had a large area when the use of ships, aircraft carriers are nothing new military weapons. 5 permanent members of the Security Council, only China has no aircraft carriers; among the BRIC countries, Brazil, India and Russia have aircraft carriers, but only China has not; and in Asia, Thailand has a carrier, but a much larger scale than in Thailand China did not.

And defeated Japan and Germany, as France did not dare to build aircraft carriers, the Chinese victors of World War II, one of the founders of the United Nations, so China has no aircraft carrier, the people should be a strange thing. However, in some Western media hype and distortions, some people was to have aircraft carriers in China and "China military threat theory" mix together, thus forming a strange atmosphere of Western public opinion.

It is certain western countries to change public opinion and this abnormal state of mind of the time. Because not only thousands of years of history shows that China has to spread peace, protect the peace, tradition, and "World War II" since the history of the world and Chinese history also proves that China is a peace-loving country. China's peaceful sincerity and with neighboring countries in addressing the various territorial disputes in the: China has always advocated a peaceful settlement of disputes.

At present, China's overseas trade has become the world's most important wealth creation and exchange of channels. Therefore, China has the responsibility and obligation to protect the wealth that the benefit of all acts of creation and communication to provide better security. This is, from the Chinese ships in the Gulf of Aden to combat piracy can be seen in action.

In fact, most countries and people are welcome to world peace and development in China to take on more responsibility, they have already had to accept the expectations of Chinese-built aircraft carrier. Therefore, we have never seen an African, Latin American countries, openly criticized the construction of aircraft carriers in China. Some Western forces with ulterior motives, it should follow the trend, broaden their narrow-minded.


Three U.S. aircraft carrier

Realignment in the Asia-Pacific

Recently, the ocean Jingtao everywhere, the United States nuclear-powered aircraft carrier "Ronald Reagan" heading for the Western Pacific, with Guam has just arrived, "Carl Vinson" and the deployment in Japan, "Washington", when three U.S. troops aircraft carrier battle groups will join forces in the Asia Pacific. This makes the already tense situation was further clouded the Korean peninsula.

Used by the U.S. military said, in crisis areas, a carrier that warning, serious warning, said two aircraft carriers, three carriers will have the taste of war preparations. The current North Korean nuclear issue is the intense time, "Uncle Sam" sent the aircraft carrier, the intention is very clear show of force.

I Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on February 28 in response to a question said, "We hope relevant countries to take a responsible attitude, do more to enhance mutual trust among countries in the region is conducive to safeguarding regional peace and stability, and not On the contrary. "


Around China

Naval power scan

Japan: Maritime Self Defense Force has 4 million people, more than 100 ships surface ships, more than 5,000 tons of which nearly 30 large ships, submarines, more than 20 vessels. The advanced equipment, personnel training high quality sailing experience. It is worth mentioning that Japan 14,000 tons class "at the" No, "Ise" No helicopter destroyer has been launched, these two ships is entirely possible in the short term is converted into light aircraft carriers.

India: The naval force of about 6 million people, has a surface ship more than a hundred vessels, of which about 20 destroyers and frigates, submarines, a dozen ships. India to buy a boat from the British aircraft carrier the end of World War II, a displacement of more than 20,000 tons. In addition to Russia to buy a 40,000 t-class aircraft carrier is reconstruction, India also plans to construct a medium-sized aircraft carrier.

Vietnam: Navy about 4 million people, more than a hundred ships surface ships, while several frigates in addition to more than one thousand tons, while the rest is a few hundred tons to several tons of boats, and while several submarines.

Philippines: naval force of about 3 million people, over a hundred ships surface ships, including frigates 1, 13 corvettes, the rest are boats.

South Korea: Navy about 6 million people, more than a hundred ships surface ships, including destroyers, frigates about 40, more sophisticated equipment.

North Korea: Navy about 4 million people, with three frigates, four corvettes, there are hundreds of kinds of boats about 80 ships and submarines, is a master of mystery.

Russia: Former Soviet Union had a huge navy, though now a serious decline in strength, but "Tiger" is still there. Russian Pacific Fleet submarine has twenty ships (of which nearly 20 nuclear submarines), heavy destroyers, 10 cruisers and about is still a force to be reckoned with.


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