Recently, China held military mine deployment exercises in low-key in relevant seas, and the background of the exercise is one in the depths of the ocean and the other one is near the island. U.S. aircraft carrier stationed in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan on the Diaoyu Islands in the progressive opposition, in this there is a growing brink of the Korean Peninsula, China although the low-key, but it all led to the multiple associations. Meanwhile, China has gradually clarified the ongoing five defensive side and three offensive points. Here we present and the future some time, some of China's foreign policy adjustments to make the following simple analysis and discussion.

First, China's five defense side, will determine the future of China's ability to face war

Now the war will be comprehensive, may break out at one point, the development into a context, but want a full-blown war broke out the possibility, already very low. Because in big countries and big countries of the contest among the nuclear weapons under the conditions of war, is very dangerous and destructive. It is precisely because of this, five areas, may in some war, may also be several ways in which the outbreak of war. And the form of war will also be varied.

The first defense side, the military defense line extension surface;

There is no doubt on this point is the land border and the waters bounded by the extension of the exclusive economic zone defense, the land can have soldiers on patrol; so marine problem? Nearly a hundred fifty years of China's humiliation basically from sea to sea that the security is very important. In an extension of the boundary is the space to make the airspace of the defense, is also very important. These are the traditional sense of a country's normal defense. Must do.

The second defense side, the ability to support the market economy;

World economic development today, for better or worse worth mentioning. Western economic advantages and disadvantages worth mentioning, the key is China's own ability to support the market. That is, in the event of war, China's economy can not ride a roller coaster, or even crash. This is very important, the war for the West is a strategy to stimulate consumption, but for China, the economy may be necrosis of the fuse. Therefore, China's ability to bring in the war against the blockade and can be self-sufficient, self-virtuous cycle, which masked the negative effects of Western and Chinese internal damage and trouble some people, some people say that white is the national crisis Finance.

The third defense side, the importance of network security;

Now the network depth and families, has become hundreds of millions of people access to information and communication to ensure that, once the network was a fatal blow, the impact of China's society will be crucial. Year, only the United States pulled off a tug a submarine cable, the whole of China's ten times speed to slow, this situation can not but want to play a lot of people reference the information war, warning, because once network under the conditions of war, the enemy may modify the data, which will Oolong missiles, destroyed itself.

The fourth defense side, the safety of space satellites;

Although China's Compass established, but the Compass satellites is a simple structure, in case of destruction of the satellite, the most primitive way is to destroy a missile; followed by the destruction process embedded in the network. So sophisticated science and technology in China, political quality is very necessary. Prevent these key technologies to leave a back door, so that others can freely come and go.

The fifth defense, internal key control;

China's problems as long as the picture of Chairman Mao hanging in Tiananmen Square on the day, there is always a solution. But can not prevent some people, especially within the right and ability of the people of this country stabilizer attack. So, for some close ties with the West, and most of his family who have emigrated, to be strictly watched. It is necessary to prevent leakage, but also to do if something happens, you can effectively control these people.

For the five defensive side, but simply list it. In fact, much more complex than this. But no matter how complex the problem still needs a treatment, or else the problem of accumulation of the whole country will be irreparable damage.

Second, China's three offensive points, quietly engaged in counter-attack the U.S.

Deployment of mines in the Chinese context, we see that China is escalating the dispute when the two Koreas, the conduct of the counter quietly. The point of the attack on the nearby ocean and islands, we can see the meantime, China will have three offensive points. Let us enumerate:

The first offensive points, and the Diaoyu Islands Okinotori direction.

As the siege of China's first island chain, the Diaoyu Islands and the Ryukyu Islands, the Pacific can be said that the only way out of China, China deployed near the torpedo in the relevant island, then followed through China, other countries will often inaccessible to the.

The second point of attack submarines deep routes.

As a leader in underwater aircraft carrier, nuclear submarine aircraft carrier has always been the protector of hidden. And the speed is always moving in front of the aircraft carrier, it is this deep mines played a crucial role. That is to stop the enemy's leading forces in the Chinese defense outside.

The third point of attack, but also on the side of the South China Sea issues a declaration.

China has the ability to carry out marine protection, mine can be a deterrent to ASEAN; prevent them from issues of territory and territorial waters to unexpected direction.

For the three point attack, each with their own characteristics and practical background.

Finally, China deployed mines, only a part of the action

The deployment of mines in China, is only part of all defenses, but this part of the targeted relatively strong, especially against the United States stationed in the Asia-Pacific. Carried out by a mine in China's deployment of fixed-point, China has become the master of this information is the only country. So that, it can effectively prevent the United States in the Western Pacific on the lawless action.

Of course, if Japan is a discerning eye, you should see the Chinese in their own territory, in particular the issue of maritime territory, China is gradually toward tough.

In short, the war, not one or two weapons thing, but an overall co-ordination and effective mobilization of all sectors of society and use. Therefore, long-lost war in China could be the outbreak of war in the future to write his own glory, we will wait and see!


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