Chinese military is no longer pursuing the "human wave tactics." As astronomical military spending, more and more sophisticated equipment. China’s annual military spending of 780 billion dollars (about 936,000 won). After the United States, ranking first in the world 2. However, according to U.S. Department of Defense speculated that the Chinese figures released by the tip of the iceberg, in fact, military spending is about 3 times the above figures. 
    Adaptation of the PLA is now under way. That is, to a large military system, the current 7 to 4 grand strategy adapted the Joint Command. It is reported that China’s move is carried out by Russian troops as the benchmark. At the command system, China plans to the general area, corps, divisions, brigades and regiments four stages of the joint command system reduced to Strategic Command, Battle Command, Brigade and other three stages. 
    The combat capability of the Air Force and missile is enough to pose a threat to the U.S. military. Last Nov. 17, the U.S. Congress advisory bodies "US-China Economic and Security Review Commission 
(UCESRC) "had concluded that" the Chinese air force is beyond the territorial defense, the ability to expand to outside the region fighting the attack operations. "While analysts believe that" if thePLA’s missile attacks and air raids success, including Osan and Kunsan U.S. military bases in East Asia, including to a total standstill. " 
    Combat military exercise intensity or the number of times both were significantly increased. According to the Chinese current affairs magazine "Oriental Outlook" introduced in 2010, the army has been the most frequent exercise. Only training to open more than 100 times or more. Last July 18, code-named "war ─ 2010" of the PLA maritime emergency support exercise held in the Yellow Sea, this is the first time the PLA Military Traffic multidisciplinary emergency support during the war integrated exercises. Only a week or so later, the Nanjing Military Region in the Yellow Sea near the artillery on a large scale real live ammunition exercises. In this training which, in the domestic debut of the new rockets caused the attention of Western military experts. Analysis, according to military experts, "has always been open to the outside not the Chinese military exercises do not want to hide the fact that the exercise, which in itself is of great significance." 
    Adapted to increase defense spending → → Military → Navy Air Force combat exercises strengthen the surge, this series of changes in the Chinese armed forces mean? 
    Chinese Defense Minister Liang a week ago that the statement on September 29 is cause for concern. He said "Over the last 5 years, at all levels of government and the people’s support, our military will coordinate development of the strategic direction of all preparations for military struggle." This shows that China is assuming the war really happened. The military also believes that China is now from the "Low" to "aggressive" approach of the times.

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