Gates may have to change the view that China's fifth generation fighter will not show up before 2020

With the photos of suspected J -20 "exposured", China's fifth generation became a topic that people talk about in the recent  time and foreign media reports are endless. British media recently commented that China's new generation stealth fighter pictures of the "leakage" and "aircraft carrier killer" missile deployment, will break the military balance in East Asia.

China J-20 stealth fighter

According to the British "Guardian" reported on January 5 article, the Chinese stealth fighters suspected of photos and "aircraft carrier killer" missiles, news, people in the Recently gave birth to the Western Pacific to China tilted military "concerns." The appearance of these high-tech weapons, making the U.S. intervention in the Taiwan Strait issue navy and air force, close to the coastline of China plans to gift to variables.

Reported that, since the photos of this suspected F -20 circulated on the Internet since, the speculation of China's fifth generation fighter  first test flight even more intense. For these "Internet rumors", the Chinese military has yet to make any comment. Their silence only exacerbated the source of people's photographs, the authenticity and guesswork out of motivation. "Jane's" Defense Weekly editor Peter Phil Costa de that circulated on the "J -20" is really a prototype, and the aircraft's "first show" will soon be staged. The upcoming visit to China, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates may therefore have to modify the "China's fifth generation fighter will not occur before 2020," the idea.

Report commented that the other "more urgent threat" is the deployment of the DF-21D medium-range ballistic missiles. Willard, U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander of such weapons will be named "aircraft carrier killer." Faced with such a weapon, if the similar 1996 "Taiwan Strait Crisis" event, the U.S. Navy battle group is likely to adopt a "back attitude." Phil Amare that China deployed DF-21D, is implied in the United States naval forces in the run, you must have to think twice.

The report also said some countries in East Asia has been in for decades by the United States "asylum" status, however, the process of China's military has "caused concern in these countries." Japan's latest release of "National Defense Program Outline," in particular, stressed that "China's military spending in the past 10 years has tripled," while Japan's defense expenditures are due to domestic economic malaise, but down 4%. In addition, China's rapid economic development, the U.S. economy has remained sluggish, which also caused the pattern of military might to China tilted concerns.


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