January 5 U.S. Navy intelligence chief admitted to the media, although the United States on Chinese J-20 stealth fighters appeared not surprised, but the progress does more than previous estimates. This is the U.S. intelligence community continue to underestimate the Chinese Yuan-class submarines to China again after the emergence of major progress in arms judged mistakes. Fisher said the U.S. military experts, the Chinese J-20 fighters constitute the emergence of a comprehensive strategy will challenge the U.S. Air Force.

China J-20 stealth fighter' tail photo

China J-20 stealth fighter’ tail photo

A F-22 fighter' tail photo

A F-22 fighter’ tail photo

Reported that, following the recent pictures posted on the Internet shows the development of China’s new Five fighters faster than expected pace, the Pentagon seems to be too busy to do is to explain the intelligence failures. U.S. intelligence agencies had previously estimated that China’sJ-20 fighter jets will be fitted out until 2020.

However, the U.S. Navy Intelligence Officer 5 David Dorsett told the media that, although the United States on China’s J-20 project was not surprised, but "we underestimated the pace of development of this project." Moreover, Dorset also noted: "Among the many weapons systems, they’re making progress."

In fact, in addition to the Chinese J-20 underestimated the pace of development projects, the U.S. intelligence agencies in the past decade, China has also underestimated the number of other military developments. Including failure to detect the development of new Yuan-class submarines China operations and China’s long-range cruise missiles and new anti-ship ballistic missile-related deficiencies.

Reported that Pentagon spokesman David Lapan confirmed that the recently released shows that the Chinese J-20 prototype "roll test" photos, apparently from people who saw the aircraft photographed after. Lapan said: "This is the Five fighter project is evidence of progress." He added: "However, this does not seem to smooth the road of progress – report shows China has been buying its fourth-generation fighter jet in Russia engine, indicating that the ability of China’s Five Dynasties fighters still had some difficulties. "

Reported last year, the Chinese Air Force deputy commander spoke about how proud he first J-20′s rapid development. He predicted that the first aircraft will be fitted out in 2017.

Reported that the Chinese J-20 is expected with the U.S. F-22 Super Fighter match; in the manufacture of the 187 F-22, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has canceled the aircraft’s production. F-22 in determining the cut-off, Gates has publicly stated that he made the decision to stop one of the reasons is that China could deploy up to 2020 have a comparable jet fighters, the United States should produce more The F-35 fighters, not the more powerful F-22 fighters.

A few months ago first identified as a J-20 photo of one of the experts, the International Assessment and Strategy Center, the U.S. military analyst Richard Fisher noted that this aircraft is manufactured by the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation. Fisher said: "Chengdu Aircraft Company’s goal is to defeat the F-22, and then wait 18 tons of thrust after engine is ready to create their own F-35. This will constitute a comprehensive strategy for challenging the U.S. Air Force."

Fisher said that George W. Bush and the administration have been due to stop F-22 was accused of, because if the United States and China to the outbreak of conflict in the Taiwan Strait issue, then the F-22 will be essential. He said: "Lack of good performance of the aircraft, constitute the U.S. intelligence and leadership since the end of the Cold War emerged one of the most serious failure."

Fisher pointed out that the J-20′s photos show that China is rapidly towards the deployment of a reliable and competitive in the Five aircraft forward. He said the photo shows a large-scale fighter aircraft with stealth features to avoid radar, equipped with advanced electronically scanned array radar and have a "supersonic cruise" capability, that supersonic flight is very long and only a small amount of fuel consumed capacity. Fisher said: "In the case of supplies received, this aircraft will be able to hit Guam."

The Pentagon said that China R & D for the J-20 engine is in question advanced the situation, Fisher pointed out that China is currently on a new and more powerful jet engine ground testing, the Beijing government in 2017 listed mounted J-20.

Fisher said: "If the U.S. wants to maintain its presence in Asia to prevent China from attacking force, or to avoid the United States was forced to listen to the next generation of China’s command, then Washington must urgently develop a modified version of F-22 and the sixth formal R & D generation fighter. "


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