Chinese military considers the pre-emptive nuclear strike!

January 5, according to Japanese media report citing from Chinese documents that, if Chinese military in the fight against another nuclear war in the country, could not self defense, will consider pre-emptive nuclear attack. Reported that the name of "lowering the threshold of nuclear threat" of this policy may show that China is not under any circumstances to ensure that the first use of nuclear weapons may have changed.

Obtain these reports Kyodo China's internal documents, which may lead to the U.S., Japan and other regional powers concerns.

The document pointed out that if the other nuclear weapons states "to the absolute superiority of traditional weapons" air strikes on targets in China, the PLA "strategic missile forces," or "Second Artillery Corps," will "adjust" policy.

Kyodo said China will make the enemy's first nuclear attack warning, but if the enemy force attacked the traditional Chinese, the Chinese military "must carefully consider the" nuclear preemptive attack.

The paper noted that the Second Artillery Corps for the worst case, the education and training of officers and men; and said that China's nuclear policy-related information exposure, very rare.

Some U.S. military experts pointed out that since 2007, Beijing does not guarantee the first to use nuclear weapons, may have appeared to change sign.

However, in countries in East Asia North Korea nuclear threat to efforts to tackle the same time, the Pentagon announced last December, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates (Robert Gates) scheduled to arrive in China on January 9 visit is evidence of improvement in US-China relations.

The Pentagon said that Defense Secretary Gates, in response to an invitation to visit. Just a year ago, Beijing broke off military ties with Washington to protest against the United States agreed to multibillion-dollar arms sales to Taiwan.

According to Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" 5 reported that China had completed difficult to ascertain the radar stealth fighter F-20 testing machine, will start test flights this month, the fastest combat deployment will begin in 2017.

Asahi reports from Beijing that Canadian civil military expert Andrei Chang is recognized by the factories concerned that information, the Chinese military stakeholders also recognize the completion of the DPRK-Japan J-20 test machine and that will start test flights this month.

Reported that the rapid modernization of China's air force, military development trends that may affect the military balance in East Asia.

Quoted Andrei Chang pointed out that the F-20 missile can be equipped with a large load, can fly to Guam via aerial refueling, but the radar and stealth performance and cruising speed, etc. to reach the U.S. F22 Raptor stealth fighter level, it would need 10 to 15 years.

However, Andrei Chang also pointed out that China has about 400 have been enough to match the U.S. F16 fighter aircraft, the Air Force as a whole over the Japanese military, and catching up with the United States, the U.S. lost air superiority in the Pacific region will be only a matter of time.

The face of pressure from China's military power, Japan's defense minister visited North Korea next week Chak handsome, strengthening military cooperation between the two countries. South Korea and Japan will sign military agreement will be planned for the first time. The two countries, "the new military cooperation" raised widespread concern in the outside world.

Central News Agency quoted the South Korean media 5 disclosure, Kitazawa handsome 10 wide with South Korean Defense Minister Kim town for talks on the Korean peninsula, and discuss the signing of "providing material services agreement with each other" and "Military Intelligence Protection Agreement."

South Korea and Japan as early as 2011, the year the Government signed the two agreements. Although South Korea and Japan's military past, signed the memorandum of understanding, but never signed a military agreement, so if you sign these agreements, the first between the two countries would be regarded as a military agreement.

South Korea, "Central Daily" said South Korea and the United States and other countries have signed the "Agreement on mutual supplies services" very effective military agreement, aimed at "drastic changes when the Korean peninsula when the overseas dispatch of events, and Jun Han, friendly countries to obtain a smooth assistance. "

Korea-Japan military believe that both sides need to sign the "Military Intelligence Protection Agreement." Yonhap quoted South Korean Defense Ministry source as saying top, signed the "Military Intelligence Protection Agreement", the Korea and Japan "will be able to share the Korean nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction and other aspects of the information, and then turn on the development of military relations between South Korea and Japan a new chapter. "


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