China’s aircraft carrier Varyag interior restoration project have been completed

Canada Kanwa Defense magazine 19, a new report released shows that China has largely completed its purchase from Ukraine's "Varyag" aircraft of the transformation, the first aircraft carrier to launch a major step step.

According to the Associated Press, 19 reported that "Chinese and Asian Defense" magazine reports that "Varyag" aircraft carrier in the transformation of content, including all living spaces and work spaces, engines, navigation systems and power generation equipment. Not yet completed the transformation of work also includes the lift and the flight deck, however, when the completion of all renovation work is still unclear.

varyag aircraft carrier latest pictures

Varyag aircraft carrier latest picture, only the lift and flight deck of Varyag waiting for modifications

U.S. Department of Defense had expected, "Varyag" was re-launched after a platform for training fighter pilots, which will be China's military modernization as a major turning point in the process.

Report that "Varyag" was not only the entire conversion process will enable it to function fully play out, and will be training to build the future of China-made aircraft carrier of the technical staff. "Chinese and Asian defense" quoted sources as saying, "This is a huge project, almost as complex as the new aircraft carrier."

Report, "Varyag" was in 1998, China bought from Ukraine, rudderless ship being towed to Dalian Port, the big guys a full renovation and transformation, transformation of the internal system only spent about 4 years.


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