German media said the United States should restart the F-22 production line to deal with China J-20

The United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates decided to terminate the production of F-22 fighter jets after 187 F-22 ones were equipped, but  only two years later, its production plans will be "revived." German media recently reported that the fifth-generation fighter in the face of China made rapid progress in research and development, the U.S. needs to restore production F-22.

Germany "Professional Defense" website on January 19 published an article that prompted Gates to make cut-off two years ago, F-22 decision to the other countries, especially China and Russia will not develop fifth generation fighter assumptions. It now appears that Gates had the assumption that a "tragic mistake" because not only Russia and India announced the joint development of T-50, F -20 China has carried out its first flight.

U.S. F-22  stealth fighter on production line

U.S. F-22  stealth fighter on production line

Reported that the advent of the F -20 all-round development of China's military capabilities is an example. General Willard, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, had previously announced that China's anti-ship missile system has been initially equipped fighting force, and even the powerful United States does not have such a system. In addition, China's nuclear weapons, diesel-electric submarines, surface to air missile systems, ballistic missile systems, and network warfare capability development, but also make the United States is deeply worried.

Western think tanks believe that the U.S. F-22 will be lost in the war with the absolute number of advantages, but the lower combat China's third and fourth generation fighters. Now add the F -20, the U.S. military becomes more bleak the prospects. Even equipped with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the U.S. military fighting the same number of F-22 because of too little and appears inadequate.

China J-20 fighter test flight

China J-20 fighter test flight

Report concluded by stating that war is always "numbers game", at some point, backward technology, but the overwhelming number of dominant party will have better weapons, party. And when the two sides on an equal footing in technology, the number will also decide who is the winner. Therefore, even if F-22 is really better than -20 F, but the number of equipment 187, although still not enough to make the U.S. military is technically the same gap, but dominated in the number of Chinese air force confrontation. Therefore, the time is not too late, the Obama administration will need to restart F-22 production line, and purchase a greater number of new aircraft.


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