China J-20 fighter maybe equip PL-21D long-range air to air missiles

With a successful first test flight of China J-20, a new China military frenzy in foreign media. From the completed renovation of the so-called upcoming “Varyag” aircraft carrier to the stealth missile boats in service for many years, from the first flight of the F -20 to advanced air to air and ground missiles, China’s military modernization on the results of the recent collective appearance in the foreign media, be regarded as “China-US military frontier is fierce competition” sign. Liu Jiangping 20 Chinese military experts said the development cycle of large quantities of advanced weapons of different lengths at the same time focus on appearance is not like the outside world is described as “pre-arranged”, so the nature of the coincidence with the obvious. On the other hand, China must maintain its own security and interests have the capacity, the PLA still a gap in the field.

Chinese Air Force test pilot and ground crew in joint inspection of SD-10 airborne missiles

Chinese Air Force test pilot and ground crew in joint inspection of SD-10 airborne missiles 

U.S. military sites to shift focus from F -20 “Varyag” aircraft carrier. “Defense News” 19 said China’s purchase of a 1998 renovation of the old Soviet aircraft carrier is nearing completion. Han and Information Center quoted the words of director Andrei Chang, “China has fully recovered carrier within the device”, “carrier incredible speed of the renovation work.” Reported that the renovation work including the repair of boilers, electrical systems, electronic systems, living cabin and engine, hull and flight deck have also been renovated. Reported that “Varyag” numbers may soon be sea trials, will be used for training, and as China’s first domestically produced aircraft carrier reference. Report predicts that China’s first nuclear-powered aircraft carriers will use the related construction work could start soon. The U.S. military’s “Stars and Stripes,” 19 said, “China has basically completed the renovation of the aircraft carrier.” Reported that, “This is a huge project, complexity, and the construction of a new aircraft carrier almost.” Reported that China will buy Russian Su -33 carrier fighter, and to improve the domestic J -11, so that it can take off and land on the carrier.

South Korean media, China is more interested in stealth missile boats. South Korea, “Chosun Ilbo,” 20 said, “the new year, China’s military moves frequently. Following the stealth fighter F–20 after a successful maiden flight, recently claimed that China has developed a new type of missile boats with stealth capability, and in China actual deployment of the East China Sea. ” Reported that the new missile boats, “structure of the new, fast, strong firepower, stealth performance”, known as the “shadowless sword.” The paper believes that “China must not underestimate the power of new weapons,” such as “2010 Chinese Navy nuclear submarine in waters near U.S. military bases in Guam, the U.S. military and the Japanese are so enormous impact.” South Korean television station MBC, said China not only has stealth fighters, as well known as the “aircraft carrier killer” and “Dongfeng-21D” missile attacks can change the path of the “Eagle Strike -62″ anti-ship missiles, launching soon, “Varyag” No. aircraft carrier … … “the military frontier of the United States and China are competing.”

19, published in the UK, “Jane’s Defense Weekly” also widely reported the Chinese stealth fighter, and a new airborne weapons. The magazine’s first flight in the F -20 photos for the cover and place in the headlines described the details of the maiden flight. Meanwhile, the magazine also use up to 6-page long report on China’s new aircraft and airborne missiles. The article, entitled “Dragon teeth,” the report said, before the onset of the J -20, -10 F have been developed in China and the F-11B, while also developing the F-11BS two-seat attack aircraft, the F-ship -15 H -6 set and improved fighter, and more the concept of fifth generation fighter aircraft appeared in Shenyang. The report also said that these advanced fighters, missiles equipped with a wide variety of homemade weapons, including “Lightning -10″ air to air missile and the famous American medium-range AIM-120 missiles are similar, but performance may be better, “Lightning -10 with the active and passive double guided mode, which will be the first one with this ability active missile. ” Meanwhile, the Chinese also developed by ramjet “Charlie-21D” large-scale long-range air to air missiles.


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