China J-20 don’t need to copy the obsolete technology of F-117

Chinese military experts firmly rejected that China imitated firmly rejected the United States technology of F-117 "Nighthawk" stealth bomber and used it for J -20 fighter, to say that the F-117 outdated, may not be worth borrowing.

F-117 fighter

Chinese experts believe that the F-117 stealth fighter technology has become obsolete, the technology may not be worth learning from.

China meritorious pilot Xu Yongling a recent interview, "Global Times" interview, "U.S. F-117" Nighthawk "technology has become obsolete, the Chinese did not need to use the F-117 stealth technology. China is self-developed J-20 There are many technological breakthroughs and innovation. This is not the first time the Western media speculation that China's military technology, which does not need to respond. He pointed out that some of the technical performance of J -20 greater breakthroughs, such as the supersonic cruise flight, high-mobility and so on. with the previous fighters different, such as J -8 and J -7 indeed drawing on technology developed on the basis of foreign made aircraft, but J -20 is completely independent innovation products, is the essence of domestic technology development. Chinese experts pointed out, F-117 in March 27, 1999 when it was shot down in Yugoslavia, has become obsolete, copy Moreover, the use of its aircraft wreckage stealth materials used in the production technology is also very difficult.
China's "knowledge of aviation," said Wang Yanan magazine deputy editor, said that the Chinese F-117 from the wreckage of the remarks made no sense to get technical, because F-117′s technology back in 1999 out of date. Moreover, F-117 fighter, although a position, but due to flight speed fast, air combat capability is limited, it is mainly used as bombers, and J -20 fighter's position more similar to the F-22, is designed for high-speed air combat flight conditions and developed.

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