Canada "Kanwa Defense Review" magazine 5 reported that the Chinese stealth fighter F -20 (J-20) completed the second day of sliding test, flight test soon.

Journal issue 5 News from Chengdu, said the same day at 2 pm Beijing time, J-20 in Chengdu airport for the second time in a slide test, "the deafening roar of the engine made." "Kanwa and the Defense Review" editor Andrei Chang is convinced that the slide test is successful, test flight has entered the countdown.

Japan, "Asahi Shimbun" 5, also reported that, according to Chinese military sources, the Chinese Air Force next-generation stealth fighter "J -20" high-speed runway taxi tests have been completed and will be mid-flight, the first plan in 2017 delivered to the Chinese Air Force into the "real."

In recent days, with a clear picture start to appear, this is known as the Chinese stealth fighter F -20 to foreign media and User weird smells, from the initial question did not believe, and to belittle and blame now that the excess outside the expected high-tech equipment does not seem welcomed by the West.

Initially thought that fuzzy pictures are computer generated ones

Late last year, several well-known non-official Chinese military forums there have been some vague text descriptions and vague pictures, suggesting that Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute surgeon's stealth fighters has begun testing high-speed roll.

Soon, the U.S. "Time" magazine on the 27th of last month published on its website entitled "China's first stealth fighters to take off? "Article. The article said that aviation experts are talking about the Chinese military said the emergence of some sites is the first stealth fighter J-20 fuzzy photos. China's aviation enthusiasts said they photographed the aircraft to taxi testing this picture, it is believed may have to first flight a few weeks time.

Mark Thompson, author of the article wrote, to see these photos, one half of the interest is to identify these photos are not true, they are just made out with computer software. If you think this may be true, you have to think of any use in the aircraft, the Air Force and other countries how to deal with this aircraft.

The article also quoted the United States, "Aviation Week" in the words of Bill Sweetman: "Why China needs such a short-range stealth aircraft? No need to use the stealth fighter to hit the target very far away from the Chinese mainland."

U.S. "Defense-update" site on the same day also showed an aircraft taxiing on the runway picture, and said that the figure of the suspected stealth fighters from China, the bottom number is 2001 head, tilt the vertical fin on the printed includes "August" the word red five-pointed star. However, foreign friends messages on the site it is not so calm. Some people say: "Some J-20 must be computer generated images, the Chinese 'artists' ultra high technology that Western analysts fooled." Some users claimed that the Chinese J-20 fighters are false news reports, previous reports because the United States proves that China can not afford to develop such aircraft.

Some sites in Japan, a lot of people are also skeptical. Some Internet users to J-20′s comment, said: "Japan will not be the cottage of the 'mind' (Japan is developing a stealth fighter) ah?" More Japanese users think, J-20 is certainly Russia made.

Acknowledged that is true because more pictures appeared

Meanwhile, Pakistani military experts have begun for the Chinese military has made great progress in cheers. "Pakistan Patriot" Web site also published in the last 27 of the "stealth aircraft dispute, China to catch up to it? "Article. Although "Time" questions the same as the title of the article, but the position of the article is clearly much more positive.

"J-20 stealth aircraft appeared shocked by the aviation community, which marks the Chinese Air Force has taken a big step forward, the Chinese air force is no longer rely on the outdated design of the Russian or Israeli." The article said, "But, J-20 has not test. F-22 fighter jets the United States took 15 years to put into front-line service. taking into account the Chinese high-tech equipment, quality control problems, J-20 may take 10 years or even longer to put into use in bulk. "

The attitude of some professional type of media is relatively neutral. Such as "Australian Airlines", said 30 sites, news and pictures from China show that China's large-scale J-20 stealth fighter's flight test. Photos show, J-20 seems to have at 22 December 2010 to complete the ground in Chengdu High-speed taxi tests, the volume seems to be greater than the U.S. F-22, and the Russian Sukhoi is developing the T-50 is not phase top to bottom. "Jane's Defense Weekly" aviation editor of Gareth Jennings said: "I've seen those pictures on the Internet, appears to be true."

He analyzed that the photographs show, the photographer is very far from the plane. "There is a photo of the landing gear before the aircraft left the ground, which indicates that it is doing high speed taxi tests. Generally speaking, this means that it will soon enter the flight test phase."

Some observers also cited Chinese media reported earlier to prove the existence of J-20. How proud deputy commander of the PLA Air Force in 2009 when he accepted an interview with China Central Television said that China is about to enter the first stealth fighter flight test phase, will be "the next eight to ten years," put into use.

Start to appear as more clear photos, showing different scenes from various angles in the J-20′s figure, the foreign media is widely accepted that China has indeed produced such a stealth fighter prototype.

Western claimed that J-20 is far from the US-Russian Standard

J-20 is clearly contrary to expectations of most Westerners, because the U.S. military had previously announced that China had not developed the stealth fighter by 2020. With this bias, some analysts do not yet know the specific parameters of J-20 case, the performance of such aircraft to be demeaning, and subjective that China had copied the design of F-22 United States and Russia's T- 50.

Canada "Kanwa Defense Review" editor Andrei Chang said on April 2, either stealth or cruising speed, J-20 are still unable to meet Russian fourth generation machine (the division of different ways, the United States is Russia's fourth generation machine Five machine, where four generations of machine is American Standard � newspaper Note) standard, is a typical "with Chinese characteristics" of the four generations of machines.

Andrei Chang said, according to J-20 Chinese-made empty weight and engine thrust, the current J-20 supersonic cruise can not be achieved, but there is no vector propulsion technology. In addition, the active phased array radar developed still need at least seven or eight years time. All this shows that J-20 and the United States and Russia there is a large gap between the same type of aircraft.

However, he admitted: "China's four generations of the whole machine moving vertical tail, cut the whole acting delta canard, side strips, designed to make China's fourth generation machine with unprecedented mobility, especially lateral mobility, low-speed mobility, low mobility, which makes up for lack of a lack of vector engine. in the stealth F-22 performance standards not reach the case, some kind of compensation for the high mobility, such a design is reasonable. "

U.S. government claims that J-20 will not pose a threat to the U.S. military. U.S. intelligence agencies believe that the Chinese stealth fighter around 2018 may have to be put into use. Pentagon spokesman David Lapan said the United States, the United States learned that China is developing a fourth generation fighter, but it does not seem to progress smoothly. "China is still in the search engines imported from Russia, suggesting that they developed the fourth-generation fighters of the work is still in trouble."

In contrast, seek to strengthen the military, strengthen the Japan-US military alliance of Japan, the evaluation of the J-20 higher, that the strength of the Chinese Air Force has been rapidly increasing threat to U.S. forces in East Asia.

The fourth-generation fighter

Currently, the fourth generation of fighter aircraft into active service only the U.S. F-22 "Raptor", the United States a few allies to develop a joint F-35 fighters will soon be in service. In addition, there are Russia, Japan, Korea, India and other developing countries are or have been proposed fourth-generation fighters.

The so-called fourth-generation fighter, is entering the jet fighter from the era, its development has gone through three generations. Compared to previous generations, the fourth-generation fighter has the following outstanding advantages: First, a supersonic cruise capability, that is, the engine can not open afterburner supersonic flight; Second, a good stealth performance that is difficult to be radar and infrared sensors, etc. discovery; Third, in the nozzle can be turned to the help of the vector engine, with ultra mobility; four early warning aircraft in support of advanced radar or horizon under attack. In addition, the fighters usually have STOL capability and high reliability and maintainability. As criteria for the classification of different, with the performance of the Russian said as the fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

In addition to F-22 and F-35, currently in its embryonic form of such aircraft also developed the Russian Sukhoi T-50 and MiG's MiG -1.44. The two prototype aircraft have been produced, and conducted public display.

In addition, Japan in 2007 has a new generation of "advanced technology demonstrator" was officially named as the "mind." In 2008, the "mind" of the full-size model of a public display. It is the fastest test flight is expected this year.

South Korea and Japan almost simultaneously launched their own fourth-generation fighter program. 2007, South Korean media said the ministry will invest 12 billion U.S. dollars, in 2007 and 2018 between South Korea's next generation of fighter aircraft developed KFX.

India, another Asian power is limited to technology is limited, selection and the joint development of fifth generation Russian fighter (the fourth-generation fighters.)

Britain, France and other traditional military power because of the involvement of the F-35 research and development, not to launch its own fourth-generation fighter program.


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