Core Tip: Now in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Shenyang, etc. 24 large cities, not to mention the small provincial city, a sudden power outage. We ignore the industrial paralysis, saying only that the people eat and drink how to solve? No electricity, water companies can not pump, gas station can not get gas, what you eat, drink?

A missile division can defeat China

Know thyself, know yourself. This is a military sense.

Now I am a U.S. general. I now have to defeat the Red Chinese regime. How to fight it?

I think that at most one aircraft carrier battle group, basically, a missile division is sufficient.

You might say that I am insolent, but after you see the following discussion to know.

China's population problem was proud of the capital. The year of Mao's strategic thinking is: half dead, I have half, you can continue to build socialism. So you always thought that a large population is one of the capital to defeat the enemy.

But modern war is fought over fewer people, playing the politics. Is technology. Therefore, I decided to play a large population is your problem. I also will not make George W. Bush on the war in Iraq wrong. I did not send a single soldier on your territory, I let you own more than one billion people to the collapse of your red regime.

Master how to fight it a missile?

I will not attack your neighborhood. Dam. What's reservoir, which is not permitted by international law. I will attack you particularly strong electromagnetic waves, radiation, particularly large, a dozen a quasi-grid substations. (Now a U.S. missile error of 0.5 m)

China now has six large power grids, basically every province has a large substation. Of which:

North China Power Grid: Beijing. Tianjin. Hebei. Shanxi. Shandong

Northeast Power: Liaoning. Jilin. Heilongjiang

Central China Power Grid: Henan. Chongqing. Sichuan. Jiangxi. Hunan. Hubei

East China Power Grid: Jiangsu. Shanghai. Zhejiang. Fujian. Anhui

China Southern Power Grid: Guangdong. Guangxi

Northwest Power Grid: Xinjiang. Inner Mongolia. Tibet

24 big cities. Regional share of 6 large power grids.

I only use 48 missiles to China's grid can basically break. (Provinces and municipalities large substation 2 missiles)

The establishment of a battalion of the army is 12 launchers, 24 missiles. So even if I was a division of 4 camps, I also have 96 missiles. Besides, I travel a division is the preparation of 4. The other is not to say. . . . . .

Now Beijing. Shanghai. Tianjin. Chongqing. Shenyang, etc. 24 large cities, is not that small and medium sized cities in the provinces, sudden blackout. Industrial paralysis we ignore, one that people eat. How to solve drinking water. No electricity, water company's water pumping up the gas station does not send out the gas, what you eat, drink? Affecting billions of people there must be unrest. . . . . .

Are iron, rice is the steel. No more eating and drinking, and that city people are not to the same flock as the tide of rural? This is a problem. A sudden increase in hundreds of millions of rural population, the social order that lies ahead. . . . . .

So now I come to ask the Chinese generals. Staff who thinks the Chinese win the general. Staff are, so please come and advice, how to overcome the strategic plan I launched it?


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