Accurately China sent troops to Korea: to see the valuation of Rand to China

The Rand Corporation in the United States for the vast majority of Chinese people, or unheard of. And it is this company 60 years ago, the accurate prediction, "Once the United States in the Korean War, China will send troops to Korea," became a hit, since the establishment of the Rand Corporation think tank world prominence. It can be said that today the United States and the world's most prestigious policy-making advisory body.

Disclaimer: This report does not represent any political position, only with the reference value, thinking is more important than evaluation.

Eric Heginbotham

Dr. Heginbotham is a Political Scientist at RAND specializing in East Asian security issues. His recent RAND projects include work on U.S. Asian allies' responses to the rise of China and a comparative study of Chinese and Indian use of force, military doctrine, and capabilities. Heginbotham has recently completed a book manuscript on civil-military relations in East Asia and has published articles on Japanese and Chinese foreign policy in Foreign Affairs, International Security, Current History, and The National Interest. Before coming to RAND, Heginbotham was a Senior Fellow of Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He taught as a visiting faculty member of Boston College's Political Science Department and served for sixteen years in the U.S. Army Reserves and National Guard.

Rand Corporation Report -

(A) of the Chinese people do not understand them as individuals in society should be the state and social responsibilities and obligations.

Ordinary Chinese are only concerned about their family and relatives, Chinese culture is built on blood or kinship rather than on the basis of a rational society. Chinese people only care about the welfare of their immediate family members of people who are not related with their suffering is ignored.

There is no doubt that this kind of kinship-based morality will inevitably lead to selfish, callous, selfish and callous that has become an obstacle to progress in Chinese society of the most critical factor.

(B) a small number of Chinese people in the world is not one of the terrible faith.

Chinese people do not own faith, which led to the proliferation of self, lack of restraint, the lack of a unified spiritual support, they did not pass a standard of moral consciousness and sense of truth, each person only believes his own, each person acts according to his will established, each has his own acts of reasoning, which led to the Chinese people in various industries and areas of life there is no unified consciousness.

China is atheist country, most people accept that the atheist education, contempt of religion, the religion as superstition, the spiritual realm there is no common pool and constraints. Most people, they insist that they are atheists, and its essence is pantheist behavior, in China, thanks to a ghost phenomenon is very common.

Due to lack of faith, the Chinese people feel no guilt, no sense of indebtedness and guilt, as long as the crime is not know, is not guilty, which led to differences between the Chinese people when the internal contradictions in human nature in the cruel and cold, throughout the entire history of China, The most brutal fighting and massacres are from their house themselves.

(C) In addition to the Chinese people have said the political deception and betrayal is not something else.

China has never become a legal society, because the Chinese way of thinking out of tune with the law-abiding behavior. Chinese people always want to take a shortcut. They do not understand this fact: that success comes with hard work and sacrifice.

In China, human above the law, leading to generation after generation of graft and bribery in acting outside the law and legal injustice social injustice to follow each other in imitation of a Chinese tradition favoritism. In China, the political struggle is rare cruel and merciless political struggle to lose the humanity of Chinese people from generation to generation.

Evaluation of Rand to China  1

Evaluation of Rand to China  2

(D) Most of the Chinese people have never learned what is decent and respectable life meaning.

Chinese people are inclined to take without giving. They need to understand a truth: the truth of life depends not on how much you asking for is that you can give the community and your fellow human beings. Most Chinese people have never learned what is decent and respectable life meaning.

Chinese people generally do not know how to personal and social welfare of a productive life. Subconscious, the Chinese view their purpose in life is up to gain recognition from others. In this way, a person would on the "keep face" so little desire to be satisfied. "Face" is the most basic part of human psychology, it has become difficult for the Chinese people to overcome barriers to the Chinese people the truth and a meaningful life.

The reprehensible habit gives born with the characteristics of callous and selfish, it has become the main reason behind China. Chinese people the courage to pursue what they believe is right. First of all, they do not correct things from the mistakes and the ability to filter, because their thoughts are dominated by greed. Again, even if they have the ability to filter out the right thing, they lack the courage to put truth into practice. 
Chinese are used to cheap and free things, they always dream of a miracle or good luck, because they do not want hard work, they always want something for nothing. Few Chinese people understand the fact that the prestige and achievement is a step by step through the hard work and sacrifice, do not pay no income. In short, if we are to make a living, one has to take; but if it is to make a living, a person has to give.

In order to cover up China's current unemployment, poverty, astonishing waste of resources and other practical, the Chinese government made up the numbers and data to the Chinese dressed up as an economically prosperous country. This is only one purpose is to attract more foreign capital to fill this bottomless pit of China.

So when people hear the Chinese government announced that the next time the economic high growth rate it should think about these imaginary figures are normal. We can not forget that we have to whitewash the face of the Chinese government's pseudo-capitalist prosperity and what price to pay.

Evaluation of Rand to China  3

Evaluation of Rand to China  4

(E) founded on the values of Chinese people being selfish desires.

As the growth in poor conditions and lack of proper education, most Chinese people do not know how elegant manners and basic courtesy. Most of them do not feel shy awkward attire. When they were young their education is how to lie and take from others, rather than with others to share their all.

China is a rich country. But the consequences brought about by the policy of unrestricted growth, China is an endless source of cheap labor. The output also includes the educated labor which, in addition to their educational level, but in reality, and other general coolie no essential difference.

Mass production of cheap products in China reduced the importation of these products in areas of commercial credit. Because of backward technology, management failure, the unit energy consumption in China than in developed countries such as Japan, the United States are much higher.

Thus, with the increase in exports, China is expanding production at the same time the loss of a valuable energy. Same time, this behavior serious pollution of the environment, making China the world's most inappropriate place to live. 
China is currently suffering from two evil capitalist society torture, that environmental destruction and human loss. Chinese people born since the nature of greed, they can, without reservation accept the dark side of capitalism and the interests of endless dispute.

Chinese, Western technology and products to the fanatical pursuit Quedui Western management culture that emphasizes frank, direct, honest and indifferent to these qualities.

Some people have done a wonderful metaphor can be used to explain this strange pattern known as China's capitalist reality that capitalism is not legally binding does not exist just like the Christian concept of hell, and ultimately everyone perish. In fact, China now has become of poor quality, cheap, imitation, infringement of intellectual property of the pronoun.

Evaluation of Rand to China  5

Evaluation of Rand to China  6

As the Chinese culture does not encourage risk-taking such good quality, so the Chinese people try to avoid risk, they do not want to look for opportunities to improve their lives.

(F) the lives of Chinese people still stuck in thinking to focus on foods of animal instincts and desires that point on the greed of the poor.

For the life of the Chinese sense of balance and no interest, on the contrary they are more obsessed with material obtained on this point much better than the Westerners. Most Chinese people find that they do not know how to "spirituality", "freedom of worship" and "mental health" such a concept, because their minds were unable to reach a life (fill: the coexistence of physical and spiritual) existence of a higher level .

Corruption of the Chinese people to pursue life, to meet demand in the physical senses of self, their culture being built on the sensual pleasures: mahjong, gambling, pornography, eating desire, greed, lust permeate all their lives and culture.

(Vii) the failure of Chinese-style education has become the laughing stock of the world.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, education is not to seek the truth, or to improve the quality of life, but only a symbol of prestige and status and signs. Chinese intellectuals are distinguished from others not because they do anything for the happiness of others, but only because of their possession of certain knowledge.

In fact, most of them are just a bunch proficiency examinations and care little about truth and morality patrons. The purpose of Chinese education is not to help the community to improve the overall level, but for the control class and the wealthy minority services. China's government departments are always proud of themselves as the people of this, the people of that, but no one is serving the interests of the people. Is that they only serve the interests of their own group.

China's education system has become largely a failure and shame. It has failed to serve the education, which should serve: the society. The education system can not provide society with many useful individual. It only created a group of opportunists, they are eager to benefit from the social benefits provided by the return has no interest.

China can train a large number of highly qualified personnel, but not many can train a qualified expert in the management of an independent chair. Service in a company or society, technical skills are not enough; also need courage, courage, integrity and honesty of the leadership, this is precisely the lack of most Chinese people's character. As Arthur. Smith, a famous Western missionaries a century ago pointed out, Chinese people lack the most is not the wisdom, courage and integrity but a genuine character. This evaluation, although after a century, and now the Chinese are still accurate diagnosis of the cause of SARS.

Most Chinese graduates choose to go abroad and work abroad will not feel guilty for the fact that they owed the Chinese people in education for their sacrifices. With the destruction of traditional cultural values and progressive weakness, most Chinese people, including educated people are wandering in the spiritual and inner world of the intersection, like the lost dog I do not know where to go.

After reading, I do not say and think a lot of foreigners to point out the shortcomings of the Chinese people a lot of bones in my opinion is objective and fair, perhaps the majority of Chinese people will see will not convinced, it was also seen would smile, but I think we should at least reflect on for this article even more than a minute, what caused us to today's cold and helpless, inner emptiness and institutional imbalances, the lack of a sense of well-being and fair Chinese people, we will use what kind of thought and language to educate our next generation will not let our children suffer in China, the same as we lost a sense of post-80? Self-examination is a tool for increasing a person, if we can reflect on their own shortcomings or the people around, we will find, in order to better help others help themselves, because that is a channel to improve well-being … …

2011 we will be healthy and happy, I hope so!


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